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Adaptunes - Speed-based Volume Control
When you go faster, your music gets louder. Adaptunes provides automatic speed and motion-based volume control for your iPhone or iPod touch by working alongside the integrated iPod. Obviously useful for driving, Adaptunes also has profiles for other activities such ...

Advanced dB (SPL) Meter
Measure volumes in your environment with this fun and well-designed app. Adjust the "trim" value to calibrate your microphone, save your settings, and adjust the response rate (slow or fast). View max/min/average decibel values, and "pause" the meter ...

AudioGuru + Widgets
Easily set your volume levels. Home screen volume control widgets: Audio profiles (up to 4 profiles e.g. for normal, work, home and sleep, renaming is possible) Automatically set profiles depending on time of day Languages: English, French, German, Spanish ...

Pack of 2 widgets with which to monitor the status of the sound of your phone. We will have different modes from the Home. We will also have an indicator of all volumes of the phone (will be updated every ...

Dozzzer - Music To Drift Off

Dozzzer helps you falling asleep by slowly reducing the music's volume so you don't wake up again, once it stops.

# Background Audio

Dozzzer keeps playing even if you close the app. You can even control it with all ...

Volume Ace

Your device volume settings at finger tip.

Volume Ace is a Volume Manager that allow you to fast and easily manage your device volume levels. You can create profiles and switch or select them straight from the widgets. Schedule profiles ...

Reemote for Airfoil

Reemote for Airfoil allows you to control your Airfoil installation using an iPhone or iPod Touch.

- Volume control for each speaker
- Master volume control
- Activate/Deactivate individual speakers
- Airfoil source selection
- Built-in Last.fm remote 
- Built-in iTunes remote
- Built-in ...


Noize automatically adjusts music playback volume to counterbalance outside sounds. 

- Use as an alternative for the iPod application. 
- Capability to drown out unwanted noise when listening to music. 
- New ability to decrease music volume when sound level rises (eg somebody ...


This is Player App that records, pauses and controls volume automatically according to the reaction to outside noise while you are listening to music. 

Do you like listening to music on your iPhone while working, but hate missing important calls ...

MP3 Amplifier

Amplify MP3 files on your phone quickly and easily!

So you already set the volume to maximum, bought those cool headphones, but volume on your music or ringtone is still not loud enough?

The solution might be as easy as ...

Speed of Sound

Keep your eyes on the road, not your phone! Speed of Sound automatically adjusts your music player's volume while you're driving about with your GPS, lowering the volume while driving slowly or at a stoplight, and cranking it ...

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