Tag: Volume Presets

Android Audio Profile
Easy and non-invasive manager to create custom profiles, specifying ringtone, all volumes, WiFi and Bluetooth state, profile icon and auto-switch timetable * Managed volumes: Incoming call, notifications, alarm, system, music * Widget for fast manual switch (long press on home to add ...

AudioGuru Pro Key
Audioguru widgets, profiles and automatic scheduling. This key unlocks the AudioGuru app to give schedules for "work" and "non-work" days. AudioGuru is an attractive audio manager with 4 customizable profiles that can be automatically scheduled depending on the time of ...

Volume Timer (Lite)
Auto switch volumes like an alarm? Any suggestion or bug, please mail me directly in English. Required: Volume Toggle(Pro) Trial: Volume Timer(Free) * schedule volume profile * timer settings

VolumeDroid auto adjusts volume levels when you plugin and unplug headphones. VolumeDroid will automatically adjust your phone's music, ringer, notification, alarm and system volumes to your desired level, as you plugin and unplug your headphones. NB if you are ...

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