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Developed by ambient pioneer Brian Eno and musician / software designer Peter Chilvers, Bloom explores uncharted territory in the realm of applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. Part instrument, part composition and part artwork, BloomÂ’s innovative controls allow anyone ...

Wall Speaker Unlocker
"This unlocks all the features and removes ads from the Wall Speaker wallpaper This unlocks all the features and removes ads from the Wall Speaker (Live wallpaper) application. You must have the free version of Wall Speaker(Live wallpaper) installed ...


Visualizer.fm is an audio music visualizer that shows a variety of presentations synced to audio.

PlayerPro Stock Skin

This is a skin for Music PlayerPro app. Music PlayerPro is an advanced music player for Android 2.x devices.


The visualisation follows the Streamgraph pattern as described by Lee Byron and Martin Wattenberg. If you are interested, this currently uses the "wiggle" correction, as we have some problems with the "weighted wiggle" algo if the dataset is as sparse ...


MIDITrail is a MIDI player which provides 3D visualization of MIDI data sets. You can enjoy not only listening but also viewing. MIDITrail supports Standard MIDI File (format 0/1), and multiple MIDI ports. Quick Start 1. Click "Option" -> "MIDI ...


Visualize the music in your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Carmen plays music from your music library, analyzes it while playing, and displays the sound through a variety of different visualizers.


• Visualize your music

• Elegant and simple user interface ...


Pocket RTA Ultra is a highly portable award winning real-time spectrum analyser for the iPhone 4 & 4s.

Pocket RTA Ultra has many advanced features which are normally only found in much more expensive sound analysis software, providing fast and accurate ...

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