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Deep Scratch Free
Scratch on your phone like a DJ on a turntable. Features: - Scratching on your phone's touch-screen - Select a background track from your music library - Scratch sample: Uuh More scratch samples in the full version.

Record Store Day

The RSD guide is Record Store Day to go! A hand-held extension of the Record Store Day website, this app uses GPS to tell you which RSD-registered stores you’re nearest to, and lets you find others via State and ...



The DJ application you were waiting for. Play, mix, share and rule the party!

Jugglr is the first and only portable DJ application on Android with a real vinyl scratch effect. Designed to be user friendly and responsive, you now ...


Feedbands is a crowd-sourced vinyl record label that uses this app to help find one band, every month, to get a vinyl record pressed.

Here's how it works:

First, musicians and independent artists submit their music to feedbands.com ...

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