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Deep Scratch Free
Scratch on your phone like a DJ on a turntable. Features: - Scratching on your phone's touch-screen - Select a background track from your music library - Scratch sample: Uuh More scratch samples in the full version.

iVinyl Junkie
Whether itÂ’s the retro vinyl sound you crave or the sparkle and vinyl virtuosity you hear in clubs, Vinyl Junkie recreates that unique vinyl sound for your listening pleasure. Recapture the sound and golden age of vinyl on your ...

Pocket DJ
DJ Experience, anytime, anywhere. Pocket DJ is an interactive music solution that empowers your iPhone / iPod Touch with a low latency DJ scratch pad and a user-assignable controller. Features: - Fun & engaging scratch pad with pressure control - Ideal for live performance ...



AirVinyl was created from within Air Studios, London's finest recording studio complex to recreate the ambience, warmth and experience of vinyl recordings, transforming your MP3 and digital music collection into your record collection, bringing back all the warmth of ...

Record Store Day

The RSD guide is Record Store Day to go! A hand-held extension of the Record Store Day website, this app uses GPS to tell you which RSD-registered stores you’re nearest to, and lets you find others via State and ...

Vinyl Tap


Ever have a hankering for the good old days? 

Remember the joy you felt when you pulled out that beautiful, black record from its sleeve and placed it gently on to your player, listened for that comforting crackle of the ...



NeedleDrop is a new way to listen to the latest music releases on your iPad and iPhone! Whether you like house, trance, techno, or other dance music, NeedleDrop gives you instant access to daily updated music. So for every DJ ...



The DJ application you were waiting for. Play, mix, share and rule the party!

Jugglr is the first and only portable DJ application on Android with a real vinyl scratch effect. Designed to be user friendly and responsive, you now ...

A/B EP. - The Analog Girl


A: DO YOU WANNA GET (02:42) 





Come discover what TIME Magazin calls a Music Act To Watch as you take ...


- High-end virtual vinyl player

- Realistic turntable physics modeling

- Adjustable sound effects


The Retronic 9000 is the ultimate virtual vinyl player for the iPad. With an adjustable retronics filter and realistic physics modeling it lets you go back in time to ...

djay 2

Ready to rock your next party? Introducing djay 2 - the next generation of the word's best-selling iOS DJ software and winner of the Apple Design Award has been redesigned from the ground up.

djay transforms your iPad into a ...


Feedbands is a crowd-sourced vinyl record label that uses this app to help find one band, every month, to get a vinyl record pressed.

Here's how it works:

First, musicians and independent artists submit their music to feedbands.com ...

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