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Audio the way it should be. The complete experience will feel like a hybrid of Pandora, YouTube and Twitter for spoken audio. - Stream your favorite podcasts (no need for RSS feeds) - Record your own audio - Share, rate and comment on ...

Kenny Chesney
With the official Kenny Chesney app, fans can interact with Kenny and each other like never before. This free app brings together one of the most successful artists of the last decade and the most cutting edge technology available to ...

Music Marquee
Music Marquee is a beautiful social music sharing application for iPhone. Sharing the music that you love has never been easier. Now featuring manual posting to Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm, Tumblr, Posterous, FriendFeed and Ping.fm. FEATURES: -Share what you ...

musweet keeps track of what artists and bands publish on the social web. You can explore recent pictures from concerts and artists, read the most recent tweets and check out the newest videos. All in realtime. Like an artist in ...


Have you ever heard a new song in a bar, seen an opening band that you really liked or heard a friend talking non-stop about a great rapper and wished you had a quick way to remember that artist for ...

Tweets on Beats

Tweet something, include #tweetbeats to your Tweet. @TweetsOnBeats will reply with a link to your beatified Tweet.


FeedTunes takes the top Twitter trends of the day, searches for songs with those keywords as lyrical content, and generates a playlist based on those results.

Brings a bit of that ol' Myspace magic to any tweet that mentions a band/artist name.
Do you…
…think today's web is a little too elegant; too prescribed; too sterile?
…long for the old days when new music ...


Thanks to the DJ Jazzy Jeff and a free web app, we're wondering why Darnell Jenkins is so important.

How did we get here? First, Jazzy Jeff Townes made a whimsical video about his road manager Jenkins being the ...

Pocket Popstar

The Social Radio

The Social Radio - Tune in and listen to your social networks.

People love listening to music on their smartphones. People also love following their social updates always and anywhere. So, we've created a tool that merges two of the ...

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's Official iPhone Application featuring news, music, photos, videos & more. Stay connected with all the latest updates from Taylor on your iPhone.

Taglists by Eye-C

Play mixed playlists from YouTube, SoundCloud & more on your phone, TV & stereo.

Called "automagical" by Gizmodo, Taglists™ lets you create and share playlists that mix free music, videos, and photos from multiple places, including Facebook, YouTube, Picasa, and SoundCloud.

- Create ...

Tweet This Song!

Version 1.1:

-Background is now similar to the Zune album tile visualisation on PC. It will randomize between all your album art.

-The link that it includes to the song is now greatly enhanced, and deeplinks into Zune on ...


SmartPlayer is based on the idea of combining functionality with aesthetics to provide a music player, similar to the standard Music app, but one that stages your music with style with additional features such as a fading sleep timer and ...


For the first time ever, Headliner lets you reach new music lovers on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace without making them Like, Follow or Friend you first. On Headliner, artists who make music similar to yours recommend you directly to their ...


TweetVine is a perfectly formed little app that listens to all the tweets on Twitter with the hashtag #NowPlaying and creates Spotify charts from the results! The idea was developed at a London Music Hack Day by brilliant coders Matt ...



Yamda is a twitter/soundcloud client mashup for iPhone to make it easier to discover and listen to music using twitter.


With it the main twitter timeline or search timelines can be used a playlist, skipping back and forth between ...


Recollect is the best way to recommend and discover new music on Twitter.

Simply choose a song, write a brief recommendation and tweet it. Recollect creates an attractive web page to display your recommendation and allows your followers to preview ...


Blip.fm offers a fun and interactive real-time social music discovery service. Find, build, listen to and share your personal playlists with friends. If you use Twitter, you can think of it as Twitter for music!


Recollect is the best way to recommend and discover new music on Twitter. 

Select a song, either from your music library or by using the easy search interface, write a brief recommendation and then tweet it. Recollect creates an attractive ...

TweetIgnite for Twitter

TweetIgnite is a great way of keeping up to date with your favorite things on Twitter. You can keep up to 10 of your favorite people, Twitter lists, or searches, in a single swipeable view. This makes it ideal for ...

This Is My Jam




Choose one song. That song that’s been stuck on repeat, that one you love. Personalize it to make it yours, then share it with the world. This is your jam, and it ...

Buzzam Radio


Build your own radio station using your music, your favorite news sources, weather, traffic, and more. Our DJ even reads your Facebook & Twitter updates.


Create Your Radio From:

✓ Music or Playlists on Your Device

✓ Internet Radio Services like Spotify & Rdio ...

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