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Guitar Tuner +
Here's a simple guitar tuner that supports multiple tunings. This is a universal app for both iPhone and iPad. Some of us guitarists prefer to tune by ear. This app plays the notes of popular guitar tunings. Features: Beautiful ...

The first just intonation musical instruments only choose Direction of the code. "It is musical instruments of the just intonation in complete" that had been said to be impossible from ancient times was finally achieved. Easy performance only of choice ...

Sing Perfect Studio
Sing Perfect Studio is unlike any other voice processing application available. It makes your and your friend's singing sound professional and perfect – no matter how well you sing. The amazing “Perfect Tune” processing corrects the timing, melody, vibrato and ...

Ultimate Guitar Tabs
The "Ultimate Guitar Tools" package, including tuner, metronome, and chords library, can be purchased for $4 (only available for the iPhone/iPad).

Pitch Pro

Pitch Pro is a tuner application for the playback of reference pitches, perfect for singing and tuning instruments. Now featuring a Christmas Pitch Pipe theme for the holiday season.

It consists of three views:

  • Chromatic - Playback of all pitches from ...

Tune Man - The Creative Guitarist's Best Friend


If you use EFFECTS and/or different TUNINGS in your performances, Tune Man is for you. The effects section contains over 100 different parameter names and offers over 70,000 different ...


GuitarTuna - The user friendliest guitar tuner app out there

♫ GuitarTuna
• The built-in MICROPHONE in your iPad or iPhone picks up the sound
• Highly accurate high-tech audio technology (known from Ovelin's award-winning guitar learning game WildChords)
• simple and easy-to-use
• for ...


How good is your ear? Find out with InTune! You’ll hear two pitches and figure out whether the second pitch is higher or lower than the first. It gets more and more difficult, until you find the closest pair ...

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