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Ambient Sound Lab
Musical explorations with a virtual theremin and space bells. An app for easy musical exploration: with a couple of quick taps the screen is filled with pulsating spacebubbles, creating a melody of bell-like sounds. Change the pattern, mood, and tempo ...

Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner
Used in the making of the new Gorillaz album "The Fall."

SoundMatrix II - ToneMatrix for iPhone

SoundMatrix is an iPhone application which you can use to create 16 note musical sequences on your iPhone. Touch the matrix of cells to add notes to the sequence which will repeat indefinitely. This is best done thoughtfully one note ...



We love guitars.

Tonepedia is a must website for all electric guitar lovers. It focuses on the most important kind of information- The tone. Our main feature is audio sound clips which actually let you hear how the different guitars ...

Pitch set theory

Pitch Set Theory is a musical analysis tool designed for students and musicologists alike. You can input a set of pitch classes and PST will calculate information like the prime form, the ...

Digital Collisions HD

Digital Collision HD for iPad is a unique sound generator based on physics collisions algorithms.

It can produces real nice sound textures from the most clear to the weirdest granular.

The sound engine is a polyphonic tone generator. 


DESIGNED for ...



ToneCraft is a simple sequenzer that let's you create music in 3d.


The concept is really easy:

Each voxel you place in the 3d space represents a note, different colors represents different instruments.


Go crazy and build something nice ...


"Oscillators" is a new type of sequencer. You can easily create an interesting music. 

A sound is played when an Oscillator (cute funny little cube) passes

through a tone cube. You can modify route of Oscillators by editing map

cubes ...

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