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Classify opens Spotify’s doors to the world of classical music. Browse by composers, eras, moods, instruments or genres. A vast library of classical music is now intelligently organised for your listening pleasure.


Take the Soundrop experience with you on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. 

Soundrop.fm is the popular social jukebox for Spotify. Create a social listening room using your own Spotify playlists, or join thousands of music fans in our public ...

Lyssna with Spotify-Support

Listen to your favorite music with total control. You can delete, add and edit stations. You can see the playing song if they are shoutcast stations, and the last played songs get listed so you can see what you have ...


SqueezePad is the preeminent controller for your Logitech Squeezebox. This smooth operating, fast and intuitive controller for your Squeezebox will provide you with complete remote control from your iPad. An upgrade allows music streaming directly to your iPad as well ...

Social Tunes

Social Tunes is music meta data aggregator. Select a track on your iPad and Social Tunes will grab local gigs, similar artists and Spotify links for you.

If you find something you like you can share it on one of ...

Believe Backstage

Believe Backstage iPhone App

This Application has been designed for use by Believe Digital clients to access the Believe Backstage system.

Believe Digital is the leading digital distributor and services provider for independent artists & labels in Europe.

From your iPhone ...

Beautiful Clock Radio for iPhone with Spotify & Alarm

Now with Radio stations in UK, Dutch, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, SKY.fm, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Spain, News, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Serbia, Sweden, Ukraine.

Beautiful Clock Radio is unlike any other wake up app you’ve ever seen ...


Tired of manually searching music in Spotify? Prefer your own music library? With SpotLib you can easily and automatically import all your favorite music from Last.fm and play it with Spotify. Play/Stream all your favorite music without storing ...

Spotalarm (for Spotify)

The original Spotalarm 1.1 recieved ★★★★☆ from MacWorld Sweden! Spotalarm has now reached version 2.0 and has been completely revised and many new features are added. Spotalarm is designed for you to be able to wake up to your ...

Spotify Shortcuts (Home Screen Icons)

Save your Spotify playlists and songs on your Home Screen! Just copy the Spotify link and paste it in the app.


Remofy offers unprecedented listening experience to Spotify Premium users. You can control your Spotify playlists from the comfort of you couch, bed or jacuzzi. With Remofy's unique user interface you can easily discover music in Spotify by searching and ...

Reemote for Airfoil

Reemote for Airfoil allows you to control your Airfoil installation using an iPhone or iPod Touch.

- Volume control for each speaker
- Master volume control
- Activate/Deactivate individual speakers
- Airfoil source selection
- Built-in Last.fm remote 
- Built-in iTunes remote
- Built-in ...

NRK P3 Festivalguiden

NRK P3 gives you the complete guide to norwegian festivals. Overview of artists, programs, maps and social media. Also includes a magic virtual lighter for those special moments.

- Practical guide to this year´s summer festivals in Norway
- See ...



We created SpotiOrg because we felt that the native Spotify app doesn't handle albums very well. SpotiOrg makes it really easy to add albums to your collection and browse them using a beautiful iTunes-like grid interface.

There are also ...


Toma.hk is a universal embeddable music player. Anyone can create a widget to put in their page without having to know specific song links or music service APIs… they just need the name of the artist and song and ...

Spoti Alarm (for Spotify)

The Spoti Alarm clock is the best way to wake up every morning listening to your favorite Spotify™ track! Simply search for your favorite track and choose your preferred wakeup time !

- You need to have the 'Spotify™ app' installed ...

TweetIgnite for Twitter

TweetIgnite is a great way of keeping up to date with your favorite things on Twitter. You can keep up to 10 of your favorite people, Twitter lists, or searches, in a single swipeable view. This makes it ideal for ...

Remoteless for Spotify

Control Spotify from your couch or any room in the house by turning your iPhone (iPad or iPod Touch) into a remote control for Spotify. Great for parties, lazy days or if you have a media center tucked away in ...

SpotQueue Remote


SpotQueue Remote is the only iOS app that allows you to remotely control Spotify between iPads, iPhones and iPod touches using our free SpotQueue app. It's a fantastic way to wirelessly control Spotify playlists. Just connect one device to ...



SpotQueue is the only iOS app that remotely controls Spotify between iPads, iPhones and iPod touches with our optional SpotQueue Remote app. It's a fantastic way to wirelessly control Spotify playlists. Just connect one device to a stereo and ...


What is DroidRemote?

DroidRemote is an Android to Android remote control for music/media playback.

Tested with DoubleTwist player and Spotify. Please let me know what apps you use it for!

Confirmed from a user in USA that it works ...

Spot Remote

Mac Only (Intel). Not Windows Requires Plugin For Spotify. Download At: www.spotremote.com Remote control Spotify from anywhere. Use Spot Remote to change track on your Spotify Client without having to walk to the computer. Perfect for parties or ...


We are the world’s largest platform for artists to sell music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & more.

We make it possible for people like you to release your music without giving up your rights. Over 250,000 artists use TuneCore ...


SpotCast for Spotify

Introducing SpotCast by @jazzychad

"It's like Turntable.fm for Spotify!"

DJ your Spotify or listen to other users' stations!

As a weekend hack project, I have created a little app for Mac OS 10.6+ that ...



Use Spotify to listen to songs by a musician or band directly from their Wikipedia page

This extension takes the name of the musician or band you are reading about on Wikipedia, and loads a Spotify music player with songs ...

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