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Sick of Spotify radio that has no relevance to your tastes? Simply open Spotify and enter an artist in the box below to hear a radio station that you'll love. Love or hate songs to make your station more ...

Search For Music By Drawing a Picture of It

From the "Because You Can, That's Why" department comes a web app from Music Hack Day Montreal that lets you draw a line by dragging dots around on a nice-looking graph, indicating the loudness (basically, volume level) of the ...


This app can also link up with your Last.fm account to create Spotify playlists using those preferences.


“Spo.tl is kind of like a URL shortener. If you have a URL from Spotify, the album’s website doesn’t look so good — it’s just a black page. This actually shows you the album, so you can ...


Last.fm + Spotify bundled into goodness

Tell us a Last.fm username. We'll give you back Spotify playlists with live updated recent tracks, user favorites, similar profiles and direct links to artists.

Stalkify makes your tracks from Last.fm ...


(Read the full review.)



Tuneefy unifies various online music streaming services to provide you with a fast and easy way to search for your favorite tunes and share them around you.

Let's say you use Spotify and your friends use other music platforms ...


Send your Spotify playlists to Grooveshark.

Step 1: Login to connect your Grooveshark account.

Step 2: Open your playlist in Spotify, Select all of the songs (Ctrl+A or Apple+A), Right-click and select "Copy HTTP Link," Paste in the ...



We created SpotiOrg because we felt that the native Spotify app doesn't handle albums very well. SpotiOrg makes it really easy to add albums to your collection and browse them using a beautiful iTunes-like grid interface.

There are also ...


Toma.hk is a universal embeddable music player. Anyone can create a widget to put in their page without having to know specific song links or music service APIs… they just need the name of the artist and song and ...


We are the world’s largest platform for artists to sell music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & more.

We make it possible for people like you to release your music without giving up your rights. Over 250,000 artists use TuneCore ...


Find playlists for all occasions, read the latest news and discover great music!

We are Tunigo, and we are about to help you find the most perfect music for your life. Think of us as your 24/7 personal ...


(Not to be confused with Soundrop, which came out first.)


Soundrop is a social jukebox for Spotify. It's the best way to share, discover and experience music with your friends.

Turn any phone into a remote control for Soundrop ...


MixShape is the new mix tape. The art of the mix tape was about carefully selecting the right tracks and lovingly recording them in a specific order. Whether for a party, an effort to 'get lucky', or a bus journey ...


See our full review of the desktop version, iPhone version, and iPad version. Also, note: the free version for iOS and Android now lets you listen to free Spotify Radio in perpetuity; you can upgrade for on-demand listening.

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