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Burp and Fart Piano
...With this app you can now fart and burp your favorite tunes without the risk of having to change your pants or throw up. Imagine the laughs you could get from playing twinkle twinkle little star in farts, or that ...

Didgeridoo Soundboard
[Like many others, this app has been deleted from Android.com by Google.] "Didgeridoo Soundboard features the coolest Didgeridoo tunes on the planet. **Disclaimer**All sounds and character names are the property of their respected owners. The price charged for ...

Dramatic Music App Plus
Certain situations demand dramatic music. Now you have it. Spark up your conversations, stories and banter with the dramatic music that they deserve. The possibilities are endless with the Dramatic Music App(TM). Pull it out at just the right ...

"ringtones,melody,sound effects, iMELODY is a cool application which brings you all kind of sounds for your phone"

SFX Ringtones
Premium quality SoundFX ringtones and notifications. - Over 68 high quality sound effects - Replace boring factory default ringtones

Soundboard - Spinal Tap
[Like many others, this app has been deleted from Android.com by Google.] "Soundboard - Spinal Tap features the all time best Spinal Tap sounds and quotes on the planet. Including: "This one goes to 11"• "Armadillos in our Pants"• "Two ...

Spacey Theremin Instruments app. Touch and move screen to change pitch. Delay on/off from menu.

Mario Soundboard

Super Mario Brothers Soundboard and Ringtones. Tons of great sounds. Click once to listen. Long hold the button to save it as your ringtone or save to SD.

Cat Piano

Your pets will love Cat Piano. Play meow sounds and watch the fur fly. Muffy hiding under the couch? Coax her out with Cat Piano. It's like having a sack of angry cats—in your pocket. Serenade your pets ...

10+ Ambient Sound Effects: Calm, Relaxing, and Soothing sounds in one for Free

Introducing the best way to be more healthy, be more calm, be more productive, and be more creative. You'll find tons of soothing sounds that will help in you everyday life 

This is the perfect sleep aid and sleep ...


SpaceSampler is a smart audio convolution application that lets you record, apply filters from real acoustic spaces and equipment, and then share with anyone.



Record, paste or import audio, select between filters, EQ, set the mix, and then share ...

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