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3D Drum Kit
The first animated 3D Drum Kit for iPhone and iPod touch. Picture it. You step onto the stage. Colored spot lights sweep across the floor. The crowd is silent in anticipation. In the center of it all is your drum ...

Achmed Ringtone
Achmed Soundboard is a soundboard which includes 36 famous phrases from Jeff Dunham's popular performances with Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Sounds can now be used as ringtones,notifications and alarm. Simply touch the tab "Ringtone" to save it.

Angry Birds Ringtones
Nearly 100 Angry Birds Ringtones can be installed as ringtones or notifications or alarms.

Big Ten Fight Songs Soundboard
Soundboard app containing sounds of fight songs, alma maters, and band songs for all the big 10 teams. Can save as ringtones,alarms, and notifications Long Press to save as ringtone. Phone menu key brings up more options Schools include ...

Didgeridoo Soundboard
[Like many others, this app has been deleted from Android.com by Google.] "Didgeridoo Soundboard features the coolest Didgeridoo tunes on the planet. **Disclaimer**All sounds and character names are the property of their respected owners. The price charged for ...

Big brother of DigiDrummer Micro and more expensive sibling of its Lite version.

DigiDrummer Lite
The DigiDrummer Lite turns the screen of your iPod Touch or iPhone into a virtual drum pad. Aside from just recording and playing back your own beats, DigiDrummer Lite also includes the ability to play along with your own music ...

This is a 'Free' drum app. The previous version was downloaded more than a million times in the first 2 months. You can play with 4 sound kits. It's very simple. Tap and play. Key features: 8 pads; 4 ...

James Bond Ringtone
James bond is the original British spy and undoubtedly the most famous. Check out his best lines from all the movies in this free soundboard. Touch the tab "Ringtone" to save them as ringtones, sms notification, and alarm notification.

Prankster will entertain your kids, amuse your friends and annoy your neighbors all at the same time. Prankster is your portable sound machine. Need a belch sound, we’ve got you covered. And many more sounds.

Real Men of Genius Vol1 Sounds
Over 50 full length Bud Light Beer Real Men of Genius commercials. To keep the file size of the app reasonable, I split the sounds into two apps. Each app contains over 50 full length commercials for over 100 total ...

Santa Noiser 2
Santa Claus Noiser 2 plays typical Christmas noises: reindeer, reindeer bells, snow storm, walking in snow, landing on roof, unpacking a present, kids saying 'wow' and Santa saying: 'Oh Oh Oh, Merry Christmas'.

SFX Ringtones
Premium quality SoundFX ringtones and notifications. - Over 68 high quality sound effects - Replace boring factory default ringtones

Soundboard Creator
Create your own Soundboard: - Select audio files from SD Card - Record your own sounds - Instant record widget - Edit sounds - cut out only the part you want! - Place sounds on homescreen as widget buttons - Set sounds as ringtones - Free version shows ...

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