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Frenzapp Music
A social music player which lets you share your favorite music with your friends, listen to the songs they like and discover the best music together. Listening to music becomes social and fun.

kNERD is a tool for musicians, engineers, producers, venues etc, to see how they are all connected. Our goal is to allow artists to promote their music, including side projects and legacy bands that fans may not be aware of ...

Lady Gaga - Haus of Gaga
Keep up with all things Lady Gaga on the free Haus Of Gaga application. In This App: The latest news, blogs, and tour date updates from Lady Gaga right in your hands New and back episodes of Gaga’s video ...

SongChat - Instant Music Chat
Chat with people while listening to your music collection. SongChat matches you with cool people based on your taste in music. Put on a new song and meet new people.

Tune Drop

Forget spending hours creating playlists for your next gathering – just fill up your your iPad with music, connect it to the stereo and let your friends pick what they want to hear. Easy.


  • accesses your iPod music library
  • fun ...


Thanks to the DJ Jazzy Jeff and a free web app, we're wondering why Darnell Jenkins is so important.

How did we get here? First, Jazzy Jeff Townes made a whimsical video about his road manager Jenkins being the ...

Listening Room

Update: Listening Room shut down on December 2, 2011. Read more here.

Blame it on headphones, computers, or the solo commute, but it's undeniable that music listening has become a more solitary experience. Technology may have caused this problem ...


Currently servicing Chicago and Austin. More cities coming soon!

SceneTap is a mobile and web-based nightlife app that answers the question “where should we go tonight?” in REAL TIME. With a tap of a button, you can view how many ...



Bander is the best way to discover great new music on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, and to win free downloads for songs you like.

  • Discover and play new music in your favorite music style. 
  • Listen to new songs added ...


Note: This app has not launched yet.


Mironi, the social music player, enriches your music experience by sharing listening experience with your friends. Mironi player provides useful information about currently playing song such as album jacket and lyrics. Using Mironi's social function, you can share your ...


Palmu is a music and social networking application for iPhone and iPod Touch. You can easily share music titles with your friends and save them as your own music library. Check them anytime, anywhere and enjoy discovering great music unsoughtly ...


Take the Soundrop experience with you on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. 

Soundrop.fm is the popular social jukebox for Spotify. Create a social listening room using your own Spotify playlists, or join thousands of music fans in our public ...

My Tunes

Share your music with friends, straight from your iPhone or iPod Touch with My Tunes.

Features include :

- Share Song : Share the currently playing song with your friends via Facebook. The song will be posted directly to your status with a ...


Rolling.fm gives you the opportunity to experience a virtual party based on your own social preferences and shared personal free music playlist.  Either casually sit-back in a room that best fits your needs, and listen while others discover new ...


Glitch Machine is a generative music synthesizer. Expressions are edited live to produce sound interactively.

The magic of Glitch Machine's synthesis is in the BYTE, which wraps a final output value to a number between 0 - 255. The repeating ...

This Is My Jam




Choose one song. That song that’s been stuck on repeat, that one you love. Personalize it to make it yours, then share it with the world. This is your jam, and it ...


SpotCast for Spotify

Introducing SpotCast by @jazzychad

"It's like Turntable.fm for Spotify!"

DJ your Spotify or listen to other users' stations!

As a weekend hack project, I have created a little app for Mac OS 10.6+ that ...

  • Listen to your music the way you usually do and videos will stream down from flip.fm and synchronize to it!
  • Flip through videos for your song while your music doesn't skip a beat
  • Lyrics synchronized to your music ...

Radio Reddit


radioreddit.com is the source for quality new and popular independent music. 

Our live streams are not controlled by program directors and DJs in the pockets of large labels. Songs are chosen by an algorithm which only weighs users' votes ...


Joox.fm is your personal jukebox populated with music from people you care about. We're here to make music social again. Whether you're looking for new tracks or ready to share your favorite songs with others, joox.fm ...

Myxer Social Radio

Music Friends

Introducing Music Friends – A new way to share music between friends

Your friends are the best source for discovering cool new music. 

Music Friends automatically unlocks your friends mobile music collections, allowing you to easily browse and play your friends ...


Playground is a fun, simple way to share music with your friends. Just start with a theme, invite your friends to add their favorite songs, and instantly create a radio station with all of your friends' music.

Discover music from ...


The Crowdpulse iPhone app allows music fans to easily record and share concert videos on the Crowdpulse social network, which is the first ever network to bring concert fans, artists, and venues together through social video content.

The Crowdpulse mobile ...

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