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Lucid Player

Ever want to listen to music while laying in bed, but you're too afraid of leaving your phone on all night and draining its battery? Well fret no more! Lucid Player lets you set a timeout which stops your ...


Awaken is the popular Mac OS X alarm clock and sleep timer that's now available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

• Wake up to your music or built-in sounds
• Local notification support
• Supports multiple alarms
• Easy to ...

Chopin Alarm Clock


Brighten your day with dozens of selections from your favorite pieces by Chopin. Each brief selection was performed by acclaimed pianist-composer and Chopin specialist, Noam Sivan, and recorded and mixed specifically for mobile devices at New York’s Inner Harbor ...


Relaxing rain and thunder sounds for work, play and sleep, Raining.fm is the official app of the popular Raining.fm website. If you love listening to rain (and thunder), you're going to love Raining.fm.

Relax - Take a ...

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