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Transruler is an app to understand, display and play various musical scales. Transruler makes transposition easy.

Transruler provides three rulers. The middle ruler contains all tones and semitones. The top and bottom ruler can each display a selectable scale. You ...


ScaleHelper listens to you play your musical scales and arpeggios and gives you feedback about how well you are doing.

There are 3 modes:

Play any scale: ScaleHelper determines the exercise you have played and scores your performance. Ideal for ...

KulBass Scales

A great must-have tool for all serious Bass Guitar players who want to master the fretboard. 


KulBass Scales provides a visual fretboards with full 24 frets to display positions of all notes of the selected scales and their modes. Moreover ...

PianoHead is now available for both the iPhone and the iPad! This popular program has helped thousands of students learn to read music. PianoHead is a simple, elegant solution for mastering the fundamentals of music theory -- and having fun while ...

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