Tag: Ringtone Creator

Ringtone DJ
Get rid of boring ringtones and make yourself a new one! Be the Dj of your iPhone or iPod! Ringtone DJ is the first and only app that allows you to make UNLIMITED ringtones from any song in your iTunes ...

Ringtone Factory
"Create unlimited ringtones, notifications and alerts. Ringtone Factory lets you make, edit and create unlimited Ringtones, notifications, alarms, alert sounds and more right on your phone On Sale Now, Offer Ends Very Soon! Create your own Ringtones from your favorite ...

Ringtone Maker+
Make ringtones from the songs on your iPhone/iPod. Unlimited number of ringtones. Record custom sounds as ringtones. Wanna learn to make this app? Check out www.iphonecodeprojects.com **DRM protected .m4p files are not supported.

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