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Ambient Sound Lab
Musical explorations with a virtual theremin and space bells. An app for easy musical exploration: with a couple of quick taps the screen is filled with pulsating spacebubbles, creating a melody of bell-like sounds. Change the pattern, mood, and tempo ...

Big brother of DigiDrummer Micro and more expensive sibling of its Lite version.

DigiDrummer Lite
The DigiDrummer Lite turns the screen of your iPod Touch or iPhone into a virtual drum pad. Aside from just recording and playing back your own beats, DigiDrummer Lite also includes the ability to play along with your own music ...

Drum Beats
Plays funk and rock drum loops for guitar accompaniment.

iDrum: RZA of Wu-Tang
RZA from the Wu. Awesome. -Matthew Dashkoff

This simple metronome allows musicians to mark time by giving a regular tick sound at a selected rate. Drag the arm horizontally to start the arm. Tap to stop. Drag the arm vertically to change the tempo. Tap the 'i ...

"Metronome++ is a metronome + drum machine + music dictionary. Accurate and steady to 500 BPM! Select from 26 drumkit and Latin percussion sounds for downbeat, beat, and subdivision. Tap, finger-snap, or lookup tempo. Adjust meter, subdivision, and swing factor. Knows foreign ...

My BeatBox
Your personal BeatBoxing machine. Create rhythms from samples of your voice. Create automatic rhythms from samples of your voice just like real human beatboxers and more. Features: ??????? ? 12 popular rhythms ? 1 custom rhythm ? integrated 16 step sequencer ? variable speed (BPM ...

String Trio

Imagine yourself playing a violin with an orchestra. String Trio is 'Air-Violin' application with graphical guides. It plays like a real violin. Just tilt, swing and slide your iPhone/IPod as guide bars fall. Control tempo, speed, and strength of ...

Jell-O Jiggle It

This app will make the famed Jell-O Jiggler well… jiggle in time to your favorite music, whether from your iPod library or your phone’s built-in microphone. We found it amusing, but with substantial rendering requirements, it’s best-suited for ...

Tap Tap Radiation


Tapulous, maker of the wildly popular iPhone and iPod touch music game Tap Tap Revenge and its newest music franchise Riddim Ribbon, releases Tap Tap Radiation, a brand new, free music game available exclusively for the Apple iPad.

"With its ...

Piano Master

Learn to play piano in an easy and funny way.

For a better play experience a display size of at least 4 inches is recommended. This program works very well on tablets.

The game includes songs composed by Beethoven, Chopin ...


If the Pulsate iOS app looks familiar, perhaps you've encountered one of its predecessors, ToneMatrix, which attracted lots of attention by pairing a simple musical idea with a minimal, elegant interface.

ToneMatrix was created by Andre Michelle, who works ...


Earlier this summer, we posted a round-up of seven 7 iPhone apps designed to help people become better musicians.

As a musician who’s benefited from many of these apps, it was a very satisfying piece for me to put ...

RunTempo Free

This is a neat idea, but it would be nice if the app used the phone's accelerometer to figure out the pace of your jogging, rather than making you figure that out on your own.


This is a neat idea, but it would be nice if the app used the phone's accelerometer to figure out the pace of your jogging, rather than making you figure that out on your own.


Drums can be regarded as the most realistic and intuitive Drum App available in the iStore right now. Drums builds on the success of the vDrummer App, regarded by many as the best drum app in the store and makes ...

Audiotool Sketch


Create your own beats with Audiotool Sketch.

Audiotool Sketch allows you to sequence sounds using emulations of three different classic devices. Make some beats with one of the drum machines and then move onto the bassline. Once you have finished ...



BIT.TRIP BEAT is the arcade game for the new millennium, fusing Pong with interactive beats. Use the accelerometer or touch controls to move the paddle up and down bouncing beats back from which they came. Listen and react to ...

Music Samurai


Highly addictive rhythm action game within Samurai style.

Inspired by such TV series as "Afro Samurai" "Samurai Champloo" and other modern pearls - Music Samurai blends ancient Asian Katana by adding western sharpening to it.

Our angry hero got in trouble ...

Metronome: Tempo

Tempo gives you the features you really need without sacrificing usability. Its engine is written from the ground up for high accuracy and stability. Over that is wrapped an attractive, simple and yet comprehensive single-screen interface. It keeps going even ...



BIT.TRIP RUNNER is the fourth chapter in the award-winning and critically acclaimed BIT.TRIP series.


In BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Race across the Moon, kicking down crystal walls and sliding under chomping moon-slugs! Bound through the Robotic Mines and face ...

NLog MIDI Synth


Professional Virtual Analogue Synthesizer supporting Core MIDI, WIST and interfaces from Akai, Line6, IK Multimedia & others

::: Demo videos on YouTube channel nlogmusic ::: Check PRO version for iPad and Mac/Audio Unit version in Mac App Store :::

Most versatile iOS synth ...

Beat Sneak Bandit


When all the clocks in the world are stolen by Duke Clockface and the world is in chaos, it'll be up to the Beat Sneak Bandit to steal them back!

- Rhythmadelic controls: Everything in this game ...

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