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(Review: August 4, 2011)

<a href="http://soundcloud.com/audiosauna/sets/example-sounds-of-audiosauna">Audio samples on SoundCloud</a>

There are "betas," and then there are betas.

Google's Gmail, which was available in perfectly-functional "beta" mode for years, is a famous ...


Audiotool is a powerful online music production studio right in your browser. We give you the freedom to use new-tech and vintage inspired music devices that you are already familiar with. All crafted with lots of love for the small ...


Tips to help musicians get unstuck and get the creative juices flowing again.

By musicians, for musicians.

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ButtonBass Dubstep Piano

 This is the ButtonBass Dubstep Piano   Mix drums, ambiance, dubstep, and acapella voice loops into some heavy dubstep beats!  Synchronize the timing by pressing the keys on beat or by pushing the space bare / sync button.   Stop all beats by ...

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