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Shazam Encore

New: Shazam Encore now has LyricPlay, where you can see synced lyrics as the music plays for over 25,000 of the most popular Shazam’d tracks. Sing-along or just find out the words you’re curious about.

With Encore ...


SuperSonic makes finding new music simple and fast. Select an artist from your iTunes library and SuperSonic suggests other artists you might like. You can listen to a sample of a song by each artist, then save your favorites and ...


This app can also link up with your Last.fm account to create Spotify playlists using those preferences.

Pocket Popstar


Like.fm collects data on the music you listen to provide recommendations that automatically follow your tastes.

We also give you stats, charts, graphs, and a sexy profile of your music taste.

You can setup Like.fm to automatically collect ...

Tune Match

Check to see how similar your musical tastes are with your friends. Tune Match compares your iTunes library with another person using Tune Match, to give you a compatibility score, recommend favorite music, and make a playlist of your shared ...


The easiest way to discover new music based on your tastes. 


Music recommendations based on:

- Entire iPod library: playlists, artists, albums, or all songs

- Current playback item on iPod app

- Last.fm top songs

- iTunes top songs

- iTunes top music ...


Wahwah is a free personalized radio that makes your activities more fun with music and friends. Next time you go running, cycling or driving, just make it better with Wahwah!

The perfect music for your activities.

If you want to ...

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