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aWARemote for WinampŽ
aWARemote Do you sometimes ask yourself what is the best way to remote control WinampŽ with your Android Smartphone? Here is the answer: aWARemote for WinampŽ is a WiFi remote control for WinampŽ providing the following features: -Play/Pause, Next ...

"A visual music player that makes organizing your music ... fun! Intro priced. "Mindblowing Android App" - Mashable BubbleBeats is a unique form of media player that makes organizing music … fun. Arranging colorful bubbles you can create visual playlists that endlessly surprise ...

"listube - online on demand free and unlimited music player. Make your online music playlists and share them with your friends."

MyPowerMix is a smooth playlist mixer. It grabs items from your iPod music library to create fast-paced one-minute song lists. A "Power Mix" playlist is one where the music changes on the minute mark. This application is your smart DJ ...

Play by Yahoo! Music
Get more out of the music you love with Play by Yahoo! Music app Get more out of the music and artists you love with Play by Yahoo! Music. Play’s library management feature automatically sorts your songs into albums ...

Rolling Stones News
This app will keep you up to date by providing you with real time news messages and tweets regarding the Rolling Stones and the (ex-)band-members. You can choose for which band-member you want to receive news items. The application ...

With one tap, Seamless fades your music, podcast, or audiobook out on your Mac, and in on your iPhone (or vice-versa). ? WATCH THE VIDEO ? http://seamlessapp.com ? WHAT USERS ARE SAYING ? "Completely bewitched by @fivedetails Seamless app. It's just ...


At the time of this writing, SoundClash appears to be either broken or extremely buggy. Nothing we typed into its search bar turned up any results.


Flowlist is an interactive playlist generator that bridges the gap between fully automatic recommenders and manual playlist building. The user can choose from a set of recommendations and, based on his/her choice, the system continually generates a new set ...

UpBeat Workouts

Hands-free and easy motivational new way to run or walk to your music. Automatically matches your pace to the beats of your iTunes songs. Tap "Just Go" and Upbeat Workouts synchs strides to tempo. Synchronizes your running strides per minute ...


FeedTunes takes the top Twitter trends of the day, searches for songs with those keywords as lyrical content, and generates a playlist based on those results.


Creates Youtube playlists. Uses the EchoNest playlist API to create the playlists.


Amarok 2 is a revolutionary new media player designed to make it easier than ever to explore new music---from the integrated Magnatune store to native Ampache and Mp3Tunes, as well as seamless Last.FM integration. All of this underneath a ...


● Magically matches your your music to your pace

Gorgeous and unbelievably simple, SynchStep is a one-click dream for runners and walkers.

● SynchStep is insanely smart. Tap start. Go. Done.

Enjoy your run, don't fiddle with options.

● State-of-the-art step-detection

Probably ...


Studies have shown that listening to music during exercise works wonders on the mind and body. Not only can it improve results by acting as a motivational tool AND as a distraction from fatigue, but it can help improve lung ...

ListnPlay - Makes music simple

People love to listen to online music, but even more they love to hear the music and watch the music video all together, without any special effort.

ListnPlay is the first music & video search platform that gives central point to ...

MixPod Music Playlist

Music player / playlist for your Facebook profile.

  • 100% free music playlist
  • Full length tracks
  • Tons of Music Player skins to choose from
  • Custom colors
  • Music videos

Playa Control for Winamp(R)

Fully control Winamp(R) over WLAN. Access to playlist and Media Library

Access your playlist and Media-Library.

  • Search and browse your Media Libray by albums, artists and playlists.
  • Enqueue new songs to playlist from your phone.
  • Switch to saved playlist ...

PlayBox - YouTube Playlists

* Top Music charts:

USA, Italy, UK, Germany, Spain, Japan, Israel and France.

New updated charts every week!

* Create your own YouTube videos playlists:

Simply select your favorite Music videos from YouTube search and insert them to your playlist.

Create as ...


You can now compile all your favorite songs into playlists with only a few taps and without an internet connection. Playlist-Creator turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a quick and easy music organizer.

This app makes working with your ...


AllSongsBy was created to provide a simple interface to quickly list all songs by a music artist. You can also use it to list all albums by an artist or to find all albums on which a specific track appears ...

Blink Music

The Blink Music app allows members of blink Fitness to play songs over the audio systems at Blink Fitness locations - as well as on any mobile-enabled TouchTunes jukebox in the United States. Blink Fitness members can use the Blink Music ...


Download what PC World Magazine just named "One of the Top 15 Apps that will matter in 2011"

myTouchTunes Mobile allows users to play music on any enabled TouchTunes Digital Jukebox remotely ...


What is ?

I love discovering new music on the web, but I often find that I don't have time to listen to it all while I'm browsing.With you can bookmark music while you ...

The Find

The Find Magazine is a global collective of music lovers dedicated to promoting the diffusion of hip hop, jazz, funk, soul and related styles of music. We are the B-side among magazines.

We’re inspired by the culture of ‘crate ...

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