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gBeats Free - for Google Music

Google Music allows you to store up to 20,000 songs from your own library for free and instantly access your music on the web. Now you can access your entire music collection without having to store the songs on ...


Musi - Simple, intuitive music streaming from YouTube


Musi is an iOS application that allows you to stream audio content directly from the popular video sharing site, YouTube. With Musi, you can stream your music even when your device is locked ...

DeaDBeef Player

Player which can play many file formats + online radio (shoutcast)

* multiple playlists

* plays folders or specific files

* true gapless playback -- the player doesn't just skip silence, it calculates the precise amount of samples for each file, does sample-accurate seeking ...


Now supports Google Play Music All Access*

gMusic is:

-The #1 selling Google Music iOS app.

-In the TIME's "50 Best iPhone Apps" list for 2012.

-Voted in top 3 music apps by www.bestappever.com.


Google Music allows ...

CarTunes Music Player

CarTunes is the freshest iOS music player, designed entirely for touch. Control your music with swipes, taps, and pinches. CarTunes is ideal for listening to music anytime! At the gym, on the road, or lying in bed.

With more than ...

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