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...Truth is, there is a plethora of music available on the internet outside of mainstream content providers such as iTunes and Amazon. From personal blog uploads to playlist aggregates, mp3 files are scattered throughout the accessible web, waiting to be ...

New Music Gold
Plays mp3s from the cloud. Just press the play button

Airy Music Box

Your favorite music.

Airy Music Player

Easy listening

Park-er Music

Listen to music free right in your web browser. Our music service is 100% legal and you can set up Playlist's within seconds. (Playlist' for registered members only). Registration is free*. Features; ? 250 songs+. ? Easily suggest songs. ? Access to ...

We Are Hunted

We Are Hunted is an online music site that monitors the web to discover the hottest new songs in the world right now. We listen to what people are saying about artists and their music on blogs, social networks like ...



Shuffler.fm is a radiozine compiled by tastemakers on thousands of music blogs, sites and magazines. Channel surf through the music web, the web is your player and bloggers are your DJs.


Shuffler.fm is your music discovery guide powered ...

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