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Stream your music and playlists from your computer to your Android, iPhone/iPad, or computer for free. ... Features: * Simple setup without router/firewall configuration * High quality, uninterrupted streaming over WiFi, 3G and even Edge * Widget * Headset support * Support for MP3 ...

BitPerfect is a simple, easy to use, audiophile grade music player that works with iTunes to deliver the highest possible sound quality. Unobtrusive, minimal UI Bit perfect output Exclusive (hog) mode Full memory playback with double-buffering to ensure continuous playback ...

Cloud Music
Note: This app is not officially associated with Google, Amazon, or Pandora in any way! ... Cloud Music makes it easy for you to use the cloud-based music player of your choice. It currently has extended integration with Music Beta by ...

"listube - online on demand free and unlimited music player. Make your online music playlists and share them with your friends."

Local Player
-- Usage A music player on your browser for local files. Drag mp3/ogg files from file browser into the window. Or, you can also add music files from a file dialog, which appears when you click the '+' button. You'll ...

LongPlay gives you a new way to enjoy music. First LongPlay is a complete and full-screen online music player, intuitive and easy to use. You can search for songs by artist, title or album name, add the songs to your ...

Media Player
Here it play all the media files inside you browser. Can can open it with the URL bar or just by drag the file in the bar below of you screen.

Discover, share and listen to music online legally, for free and without ads. Create and contribute to mflow's revolutionary new massively collaborative playlists by including hashtags like #lazysunday and #upliftingtrance in your recommendations. Listen to any of our 5 ...

Most Inspiring Music Songs
"Discover the Most Inspiring Music Songs Of The 21st Century! It does not matter what sort of music inspires you, it's what it does to you that counts. Music may open your eyes, cause you to think, make you ...

MP3 Player
...You can listen to your MP3 (and OGG) files from your PC or any storage device, and store them into your browser so you don't need to import your songs each time you use Mew-Zik. You can access to ...

Music ShownToMe
Web based music player, similar to iTunes or Winamp. No need to download anything. Songs live from Youtube and Soundcloud.

Nepali Music
This app is absolutely free and for Nepali music lovers. * Different Playlists * You can add any song to your fav list. * Search songs as you like * Love and enjoy Nepali music. Background playing is disabled in this version. Work is ...

New Music Gold
Plays mp3s from the cloud. Just press the play button

Queek Music Shuffler Pro
Want to easily shuffle play your massive lovely songs? Queek is a great tool for people have lots of songs in their phone, and is tired to index them all the time. Just play. Auto shuffle, auto skipping songs you ...

Simplify is the simplest way to control Spotify. Are you always listening to the music through Spotify? Tired of switching to the main Spotify window? Install Simplify and know what's playing, switch and seek tracks, control sound volume with ...

Top 100 Music
Charts from all around the world right in your pocket ! You can even listen the song and watch the music video. Find the charts of +20 countries : - Singles - Albums - Music video For each piece of music, listen the song, find ...


MusicWheel is a music player for Apple IPhone. It provides an alternative user interface for music database visualization that displays selected Songs with a recommender System.

  • visualize similar songs
  • sort by Tempo, (BPM)
  • filter by Tempo. (BPM)
  • sort by 6 ...

Airy Music Box

Your favorite music.

Airy Music Player

Easy listening

The Music Feed

Unlimited free MP3 downloads & instant airplay internet radio featuring indie artists, bands, DJs & musicians. Sync your social networking feeds to our content distribution network to receive articles, Free MP3 Download links & more.

ListnPlay - Makes music simple

People love to listen to online music, but even more they love to hear the music and watch the music video all together, without any special effort.

ListnPlay is the first music & video search platform that gives central point to ...

Park-er Music

Listen to music free right in your web browser. Our music service is 100% legal and you can set up Playlist's within seconds. (Playlist' for registered members only). Registration is free*. Features; ? 250 songs+. ? Easily suggest songs. ? Access to ...


The online music locker space is heating up big time, now that Amazon has thrown down the gauntlet and launched its own service as an “external hard drive” of sorts, which requires no licensing from the record labels, at least ...

Hive Player


Hive Player is a music player optimized for Honeycomb tablets. It supports many of the features of the built in player but also includes a few things that have been lacking in most players across Android versions.


  • Scrollable widget ...


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