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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a list of more than 600 of the most popular and influential songs of all time. Arranged by artist and song title, the songs ...


Soundsnips provides curious listeners with an education place to learn the stories behind the music by combining fun facts with interesting tunes.


Have you ever listened to a song and wondered what instruments were playing? Or what musical technique was ...

Beat Bang


Produced by the Médiatheque (www.lamediatheque.be)

Bang Beat is an app that invites you to play in order to discover hundreds of electronic music references from 1988 to today.

The essential of the electronic music on ...

iWitness Reports

iWitness brings you first-hand accounts of key incidents in rock and pop music history in the words of the artists themselves – some of the biggest acts in the world - and by other eye-witnesses who were there at the time.

Compiled ...

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