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The Find

The Find Magazine is a global collective of music lovers dedicated to promoting the diffusion of hip hop, jazz, funk, soul and related styles of music. We are the B-side among magazines.

We’re inspired by the culture of ‘crate ...

Armada Music

To dance music lovers, Armada Music is known as the ‘Best Global Record Label’, as awarded at the International Dance Music Awards of 2009 and 2010. Within their 7 years of serving high quality dance music, they have published a ...


Easily create magical high quality generative music that you can interact with. Be it ambient & chill through to IDM or experimental, you can customise *everything* from sounds to FX to generative rules, arrangements and play along parts. As you would ...

Dimensions - Adventures in the Multiverse

From the makers of Inception the app:
The sonic adventure game starring YOU and played in your real life!

Dimensions uses amazing Augmented Sound technology to deliver a completely new and unique immersive gaming experience!

“Dimensions sounds complex in description ...

Thounds Up

A new app from Thounds designed exclusively for iPad, helping you to compose and manipulate music by using your fingers.
This is the first release and new features yet improvements are coming very soon (including full integration with the collaborative ...

Pulse: Volume One

Enter an absorbing world where players become part conductor, part note-captor, part multi-touch master. Tap speeding notes as they cross the radiant pulse to conduct gorgeous original melodies.


- Eight core levels of original music plus frequent free updates ...


We won’t spend much time on this review, because PlayNow (free or $1, with no apparent difference between the two versions) is extremely simple, and we don’t much appreciate what it does.

An extremely barebones music player for ...


✪ Best App Ever Awards, 2011 Finalist ✪

In celebration of Audium being nominated in both the Best Visual Design & Best Music App Replacement categories, it's now available FREE until Sunday night. Make sure you vote!

➤ http://bestappever.com/v/vdap ...

Scottish Music Awards

Official Scottish Alternative Music Awards App

Dubstep Mobile

Dubstep Mobile is the official dubstep production tool of DJ's everywhere! Create wobble bass that will shake the walls and take your music production to a new level!

All audio samples are High Definition and have been perfected to ...


Have you ever wanted to cut out the part of a song you don't want to hear, and only play the part you like? iTraxs allows you to select music from your Music Library in your device and play ...

Featuring the largest library of free streaming music anywhere, Myspace is where you go to watch music videos, connect with artists, and promote your art online.


When Scott Hirsch launched appsbar in April, his vision was to help small businesses build apps -- "to fill the middle ground in costly, professionally-produced apps, and free, garbage-generating app builders," in the words of a spokesman.

He was in for ...

The Vinyl District

Get your daily indie record store fix: vinyl, news, reviews, free stuff. Brick and mortar—in pixels, on the go. Besides keeping up with the editorial content TVD offers, this is also perfect app to know where that hard-to-find record ...

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