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Crowdsourced playlists offer a unique opportunity for unexpected music discovery, which is one of the things that we like about apps like Turntable.fm and its various clones. The crowd can also help you discover more about the music you ...

MoodAgent Free

Play, discover and share music like never before!

Moodagent recommends!
Give Moodagent a starting track or set the sliders to define your mood, and you will instantly get a tailor made playlist based on your music library. You can ...


Rockola.fm es la plataforma de música y radio en Internet. Escucha y descubre música según tus gustos, tus artistas favoritos o en función de tu estado de ánimo.

Esta versión permite la escucha de ...

Brain Shift Radio

Brain Shift Radio is a new innovation in music streaming and auditory brain stimulation that gives you unprecedented control over your experience. Utilizing our proprietary dual-stream technology, you can adjust the mix between the psychological and physiological aspects of music ...

Song Seeker


Song Seeker is an automatic playlist creator. Based on the artists that you like (and other configurations like Mood, Tempo, etc.), it creates a playlist with songs that it believes that you will enjoy. To hear it, you can export ...

Aura 2: Flux

Aura Flux is a unique and innovative ambient music creation App for iOS devices.

Create unlimited, generative music by simply connecting nodes together drawing pictures.

With a wealth of options available for each node the sound, frequency, pitch can be ...


Let Moodzic solve your playlist problems by generating the perfect “music for your mood.” 


Moodzic is an app that helps you rediscover your music library like never before. Once installed, users are prompted to select a mood on our Mood ...

Rainy Mood


• Stunning high-resolution HD audio. Enhanced 48kHz sample rate for better-than-CD quality.
• All-new sounds recorded by the world's top audio engineers. These amazing sound designers have also done work for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and BBC.
• Random sound generator with ...

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