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A Microtonal Guitarist's synth, designed for extreme playability on the iPhone and iPad. It is the successor to Geo Synthesizer and Mugician. It does send a specialized MIDI output (requires a ...

Geo Synthesizer

Geo Synthesizer is a musical instrument and MIDI controller. A collaboration of Wizdom Music's Jordan Rudess and Kevin Chartier (MorphWiz, SampleWiz) and Rob Fielding (Mugician), Geo Synthesizer is an incredibly expressive musical instrument specifically created for a multitouch surface ...

MidiMe MIDI Controller

MidiMe is a unique iOS midi control application that makes your instruments more expressive. With MidiMe you can not only simultaneously and directly control many different MIDI parameters but also record and playback MIDI gestures or send your instruments bouncing ...


Absum-8 is a wireless mix control surface for use with many professional music/video applications.

It includes custom button layouts for Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro*, Digital Performer, Cubase/Nuendo, Sonar, Reaper, Ableton Live, Reason, Sony Vegas, Fruityloops Studio, StudioOne ...


Travel back in time to the dawn of electronic music with this strange retro app – a MIDI player preloaded with 500+ legendary Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument sounds.

The first byte-perfect re-issue of the classic CMI sounds of the 80s, immortalised ...

Fairlight Pro

Experience music making ‘80s style with this awesome retro app, modelled on the legendary Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument.

Preloaded with 500+ CMI Series II sounds and 100+ Series III sounds, for the first time a byte-perfect re-issue of the classic ...


HyperTunes lets you compose and arrange music directly in terms of musical structure, such as verse-chorus-bridge song forms. It also lets you collect and organize all your musical patterns, song fragments, and songs within the app, so that they're ...

Midi Tool Box

Midi Tool Box is an integrated app for managing and controlling MIDI devices and data, and offers the following functions:

- MIDI event monitor
- MIDI status monitor
- SysEx editor & librarian
- MIDI recorder & player
- Program Change sender
- Generic MIDI CC controller
- Generic ...


MidiBridge is the comprehensive MIDI tool that iOS is missing and absolutely essential for anyone using MIDI with an iDevice.

It's a backgroundable virtual MIDI patchbay/router/manipulator that interconnects all MIDI interfaces (external, virtual and network) on an ...

MPV's Cubase 6.5

64 bit Cubase 6.5 is here with its new synths: Retrologue and Padshop. There’s also a new Comping tool and some very cool new effects plugins. So join Cubase “Commander” Matthew Loel T. Hepworth, your captain on flight ...

MIDI Guitar

Turn ANY guitar into a guitar-synthesizer or record tablature simply by playing it.

A demonstration video is available at: www.jamorigin.com/mg

Introductory discount: 75% off WIFI-MIDI upgrade

MIDI Guitar is the world’s first app to transcribe guitar ...



It allows you to draw a 3-dimensional controller and use it in two different and complementary ways. You can tap it like you would with your regular MPC or any other beatmaking device, but ...


After 2 years of research into sensor technology, we are proud to present the iMoov by TangibleFX.

The iMoov is a fully customisable wireless MIDI controller that can be used to control multiple effect parameters within leading softwares like Logic ...

Clap Box


"Puremagnetik have created a like for like recreation of the old box on iOS... And it sounds really good!" — Oh Drat Digital


Now you can put the legendary Simmons Clap Trap right in your pocket or backpack! The Clap Trap ...



expressionPad is a new kind of midi/synth controller. Continuous multi-touch support means you can control pitch bend, dynamics, and modulation with each touch, even as you change notes. 


We've created a flexible and intuitive interface so you can ...

Griid Pro

Griid Pro, now also includes Miixer and Cliip modules - the first ever controller to offer full MIDI clip editing with your fingers. Create melodies and beats and finally play Live... live. 


Griid Pro is THE professional Ableton Live controller for ...

ALT OSC - Flick Pad


ALT OSC is an Open Sound Control application. This application is a specialized multi touch input device with simple operation. Its been designed for use in different purposes and in various situations, e.g. making music, performances, and installations. The ...


An essential app for anyone using MIDI wanting to check connectivity and find out what is and what isn't working.

Designed to give feedback in real time and requiring little or no setup so that it ready to use ...

Easy Strum

Easy Strum is:

.... an autoharp for the IPad.

.... one of the easiest musical instruments in the world. From no musical ability you can be playing beautiful arpeggiated chords in under 60 seconds.

.... unique. Strum the piano like a harp, or ...

Konkreet Performer


PERFORMER is a revolutionary way to control your laptop's music software. 

PERFORMER uses a shape that is a visual representation of the sound, which you can sculpt using multitouch and gestures, giving a completely new and dynamic method of ...

MIDI Studio


Midi Studio it's great midi controller for your home or professional studio. WIth this application you can play on a virtual keyboard, move faders, knobs, play with drums pad. One of the best feature of this application, it's ...


-Choose from three different sampling modes: classic, granular, and modern.
-Classic - the traditional method of sampling where the sound will speed up and slow down as you go higher or lower than the recorded pitch.
-Granular - Wizdom Music's own ...




What the bleep is this? 


...it's an addictive wavetable drum machine with midi


Draw pitch and wavetable modulation to create chip-tune sounds and effects, then sequence them to make retro video game like beats!


You can create 12 sounds ...


Muza is a beautiful and easy-to-use musical instrument and MIDI controller. 

It works within a selected musical scale and features a unique harmonizing tool, user-friendly side keyboard and a pitch wheel. 

You can use it as a stand-alone app, or ...

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