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studio.HD is the multitrack app for songwriters, producers and musicians. It offers eight multilayered audio tracks (24 total of playback!) with recording, editing, loops and automated mixing plus effects controlled by an elegant touch interface. Get ideas down fast ...

The Infinite Music Machine

Inspired by their joint performance at the FEED soundscape in Berlin, ”The Infinite Music Machine” is an iPad application that brings together the work of sound artists Juju and Jordash with the liquid projections by Paul Skawinski.

The app was ...


Record sounds and play them back with various effects. 



- click any empty slot to record

- record using built-in mic

- record using headset

- record using custom cable*

- record from the sound played on SoundYeah

- use the "in vol" slider to ...

Sample Lab

Sample Lab is a full-featured sampler/sequencer made exclusively for iPad. With a professional set of features packed into a simple, multi-touch interface you can skip the learning curve and start making tracks within minutes.


  • Record your own samples, or ...


Donut™ lets you record loops in two dimensions. 


A detailed explanation of how the app works is available here: http://thestrangeagency.com/circles-within-circles/


You can use it like a phrase looper, by recording horizontally while using the step controls to ...

Looptastic HD

Create your own non-stop remixes and electronic compositions in an incredibly intuitive way. Simply drag and drop some loops, mix it up with a DJ-style mixer and add effects with Touch Pad control. Record your moves and export the performance ...

Loopy HD


✪ Best Musicians App, 2nd Place in Best App Ever 2011! ✪ ➤ Create music by layering looped recordings of singing, beatboxing, or playing an instrument with a savvy, sophisticated, tactile new looper that totally reinvents the formula.



http://facebook ...

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