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Rock Prodigy: Guitar

After Guitar Hero appeared on the scene in 2005, it caused a resurgence in the playing of actual (non-plastic) guitars, if for no other reason than that more people were thinking about the guitar.

Until earlier this year, the idea ...

Grateful Dead - Europe ’72: Rock Prodigy

Jam with the 40th Anniversary of Grateful Dead's Europe 72 Tour
An official app of the Grateful Dead! With official Grateful Dead music

The Europe '72 App is like learning tunes straight from the Grateful Dead

You'll jam ...

Bossa Nova Guitar


All Aboard! Non-stop to Brazil!

A guitar workshop exploring the rhythms of Bossa Nova! Learn the fundamentals of Bossa Nova by exploring over a dozen commonly used Bossa Nova guitar patterns. Guitar Tablature & Rhythmic Notation included for each guitar pattern ...

Guitar Ace

GUITAR ACE is a feature packed application that is a "must have" for every guitar student and guitar instructor. GUITAR ACE offers four different screens that allow the student to learn both the notes of the guitar fretboard and the ...

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