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If you love the SingaMajigs, you'll love the SingaMaWidget. Simpley add widget to home screen (4 Columns, 1 Row) and make your own singamawidget song. The singamawidgets play the following sounds from left to right. Do, Ray Me, Fa ...

Jungle Jam - Child Friendly

The best xylophone on the app store, Jungle Jam encourages performing music and exploring a fully interactive world filled with colorful bananas, flying toucans, giggling suns and bouncing baby monkeys.


  • No Buttons, Menus or Ads
  • Best Xylophone in the ...

Rockford's Rock Opera – Children's Musical Audio Book (Part 1)

NOW FOR IPAD as well as iPhone/Touch - Welcome to the award winning Rockford’s Rock Opera® – the world’s most popular children’s audiobook app, and the best enhanced audio book for kids there is!

Please Note: This App ...

Rockford's Rock Opera – Children's Musical Audiobook (Part 2)

NOW FOR IPAD as well as iPhone/Touch - Welcome to Rockford’s Rock Opera® – PART TWO – the second amazing installment of the world’s most popular enhanced audio book, and now the planet’s most popular kid’s audiobook App ...

Rockford's Rock Opera – Children's Story Audiobook (Part 3)

NOW FOR IPAD as well as iPhone/Touch - Welcome to Rockford’s Rock Opera PART 3 – the penultimate installment in this award winning audiobook story for children and adults!


Rockford's Rock Opera – Children's Story Audio Book (Part 4)

NOW FOR IPAD as well as iPhone/Touch - Here's the final installment of Rockford's Rock Opera! Yes, PART FOUR of the world's most popular children's audio book app is ready to enjoy!

In case you didn ...

Make Me Music

Play your bread box or didgeridoo, make water glasses sing, or pluck a kalimba and let's Make Me Music. Welcome to the sound garden, a world where everything you tap becomes a musical instrument. Learn about melodies, rhythms, glissandos ...

Baby's Musical Hands


Try the musical toy for babies and toddlers that everyone's talking about

Baby's Musical Hands is a musical toy for babies and toddlers for Android tablets and phones. On tablets, it features 15 brightly colored squares that your ...


Limit access to your Spotify account to ONE playlist. Designed for those who want to share music from Spotify with their kids and not worry about what music they are getting into. 


KinderKlavier is a realistic toy piano instrument for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. 

KinderKlavier features sounds professionally sampled in a world-class recording facility from each key of a real vintage toy piano.

KinderKlavier for iPad features all twenty-five depressible keys ...

Kasey's Guitar Jams for Kids

Say goodbye to the old, boring methods of Melbay and Hal Leonard 


Say Hello to Kasey's Guitar Jams for Kids!


Kasey's Guitar Jams ...

Bottle Music Free

Bottle Music turns your iPhone into a Bottle Xylophone or a Wine Glass Harp. A great way to teach your music to kids!


Eight bottles or glasses are laid out in front of you, setup in the major scale by ...

Ora's Musical Wonderland

Welcome to Ora's Musical Wonderland! 


Originally made by a mum for her 2-year old toddler, Ora's Musical Wonderland delivers soothing music for your young kids. 



With a range of tunes suited for different occasions including play time ...

Cheep Piano

This beautiful and fun piano is a joy to play. Help the baby chicks sing your favorite song to selected rhythms.


This game is free for a limited time. If you like it, please rate it to see a lot ...

Loopseque Kids

LoopsequeKids is created by Casual Underground lab, with love to all young musicians. This is the first step into magical world of music and adventures.

With LoopsequeKids you don't need a beat high-score or reach 10000 level in 5 ...

Baby DJ

Baby DJ is a music app for kids and their parents. 

— Bright, fun and user-friendly interface for beginner DJ 

— 17 children's songs in our own 9-track format 

— New songs every week 

— Record your own mixes and Baby DJ World ...

600 Favorite Kids Songs Lite

600 Favorite Kids Songs

All resources have been installed locally, it needn't to use network when playback

Supports background playback 

Example songs:

018 Ali baba's farm

044 Bingo

117 Five Little Monkeys

155 Happy Birthday To You

159 ...

Patty Shukla Kids Music Vol 1
♫ Sing, dance and learn! ♫ 
9 fun musical videos that are educational and interactive! 
Sing along with easy to learn movements and lyrics. 
Easy to use, child friendly and mother approved. 
High quality illustrations, animation and sounds. 
Great for teaching children ...

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