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Version 1.5 features gems like 'Yankee Doodle,' 'Liebestra╠łume,' and everyone's favorite, 'What A Friend We Have In Jesus.' Heavily favors-right handed keyboardists. The Lite version is free. - Matt Dashkoff

With amazing new innovative features, KeyPlay is more than just a great sounding piano app. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, playing the keyboard is about to get a whole lot more exciting. Scale Snap With Scale ...

Pocket Piano
Now you can carry a piano with you everywhere you go. Pocket Piano has the rich sound and versatility of a real piano. Notes range from C3 to C5 including sharps and flats giving you two full octaves to play ...



Charting builds a beautiful visualization of the keys the songs of your favorite artist were recorded in. It uses the Circle of Fifths to show the relative distribution of the keys. Charting is based on work by Mike Deal.


What's in a key? Are you a major or a minor person? Are there keys that define your music taste or are there no patterns at all? I've always been mildly curious about questions like this, so when ...

Virtuoso Piano Free 3

"Another free gem" - Engadget

"Producing a surprisingly realistic sound as you tap away" - The Sunday Times

"New and Noteworthy" - Apple

Virtuoso, the world's most popular Multi-Touch piano ever, is back with amazing new features. Built upon the critically acclaimed ...

Piano Apprentice

This isn't a review, so much as a note, but we'd like to note that this app can be used with the optional $99 Piano Apprentice keyboard, featuring keys that light up when you're supposed to play ...


As easily as a thermometer tells you the temperature, KeyOmeter automatically determines and displays the musical key. KeyOmeter operates in the "circle of fifths" - a visual representation of the 12 tones of the Western chromatic scale. The outer circle displays ...

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