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Instinctiv Player

Everyware Wireless Sync solves the problem of media sync for devices outside the exclusive Apple iTunes ecosystem. With Instinctiv your library isn't bround to any device or subject to storage constraints. Listen to your whole library at home, work ...


(Shazam) RED has the same enhanced feature set, slick design and user interface as Shazam Encore (see link). This includes unlimited tagging, music recommendations and access to music charts, as well as a dedicated tab that links to the (RED ...

Shazam Encore

New: Shazam Encore now has LyricPlay, where you can see synced lyrics as the music plays for over 25,000 of the most popular Shazam’d tracks. Sing-along or just find out the words you’re curious about.

With Encore ...

MusicID with Lyrics

MusicID is the slickest way to identify any song you hear on the radio, at the movies, at the club, at the grocery store, or anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Identifies audible music fast
  • Displays song lyrics, artist biographies, and related YouTube ...

Limili 2.0

Limili offers the slickest way to identify any song you hear, and simply add them to your playlist all this in seconds.

Now get 3 free searches for free.

"ID the song, hop to the Grooveshark tab, pick the version ...


What am I listening to? TrackID™ knows. And makes it look good.

This gorgeous music recognition app identifies the music you are listening to. It is fast, it is easy and it looks great. Navigate with ease via the beautiful ...

Tracks To Go

Restaurants, bars and hotels across North America offer Tracks to GoTM to let their guests identify with certainty the songs which are playing in the background, and purchase the ones they like from the iTunes store using the free Tracks ...

Rhapsody SongMatch


Hear it. Match it. Play it.

Rhapsody SongMatch – it’s free!

What’s that song? Use Rhapsody SongMatch to find the name of the song with just one click. Once the app identifies the song, it instantly saves the title ...

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