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Network of nodes makes novel sound. 

Each node has distinct tone. If you tap node, then the node is "excited" and make sound. Once the node is tapped, the node is ready to connect edge to other node (indicated by ...

HyperSpace 3D Synthesizer

HyperSpace, the waveform-sculpting 3-D oscilloscope synth is the latest edition of our Space series. 


HyperSpace uses a unique algorithm to generate endless mesmerizing images from sound. It works similarly to a harmonograph, but uses its 3 voice oscillators instead of ...

Visible Sound HD


Visible Sound provides a 3-dimensional, colorful, visual representation of the sounds heard by the iPad's microphone or an attached audio headset. Unlike other audio visualizers, which all too often consist of pre-programmed, mostly meaningless graphics that only loosely correspond ...

Visual Performer

Make your music come alive!

Visual Performer is an app for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch creates graphic animation by playing the instrument. 



- Use your MIDI instrument to generate graphic animations, synchronised from your playing.

- 10 types of graphic animations ...

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