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Droidian eMusic - Supporter Ed.
Downloads music/audiobooks from eMusic.com directly to your Android phone. In order to use this app to download music, you must have or create a paid eMusic.com account. This is NOT an app to get free music. You ...



Every music style has a story. Scenes tells the stories behind famous, influential and underground music scenes: where they began and the artists that defined them. Using artist imagery, in-depth editorial, song samples, and radio programs, Scenes gives listeners a ...

EMusic (Android)


In form, eMusic's Android App is a free, easy-to-use music player for your Android that's like no other mobile player. That's because, at heart, it's a unique way for you to explore, download, and personalize music ...

eMusic Radio

eMusic Radio's programs utilize The Echo Nest's Playlist and Taste Profiling engine to build song lists based on song attributes.

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