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At the time of this writing, SoundClash appears to be either broken or extremely buggy. Nothing we typed into its search bar turned up any results.

Know Your Genre

Know Your Genre is an attempt to musically map the Internet communities idea of what musical genres are and how they relate to each other. What constitutes a genre? What is popular music in that genre? How does that genre ...


SuperSonic makes finding new music simple and fast. Select an artist from your iTunes library and SuperSonic suggests other artists you might like. You can listen to a sample of a song by each artist, then save your favorites and ...

The Showcal

An interactive, audiovisual menu of all the concerts happening in your city each day. Click on an artist's entry to stream Youtube clips, see show info, buy tickets, and connect via social media links.

Pocket Popstar

eMusic Radio

eMusic Radio's programs utilize The Echo Nest's Playlist and Taste Profiling engine to build song lists based on song attributes.


MixShape is the new mix tape. The art of the mix tape was about carefully selecting the right tracks and lovingly recording them in a specific order. Whether for a party, an effort to 'get lucky', or a bus journey ...

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