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Songbox Player for Dropbox
Stream music directly from your Dropbox account. Just login, scan, and listen. Featuring: Real music streaming. MP3 and M4A files are supported. No download down time; Mixtapes – organize your music in any way possible; Hassle-free file scraping. SongBox Player scans ...

TapeMachine Lite Recorder

Record, edit, share.. You have a mini voice & music studio in your pocket. TapeMachine is a high-quality sound recorder and editor, featuring a powerful waveform display.

  • zoom and scratch
  • select, export, edit, undo
  • fade in, fade out, normalize
  • looped playback ...



Finally! Now you can take all your music with you thanks to the easy to use cloud music player, BoxyTunes.

➤ FREEDOM! Cut the cord! Wirelessly play music or podcasts on your iOS device. With BoxyTunes, you create a music playlist ...


The online music locker space is heating up big time, now that Amazon has thrown down the gauntlet and launched its own service as an “external hard drive” of sorts, which requires no licensing from the record labels, at least ...

Rapid Recorder

*** now with Dropbox support ***
You can record a note while barely looking at your phone - just start the app, talk after the vibration, and hit the back button when you're done. The double vibration as you leave the app ...

Style Jukebox

Style Jukebox is an easy to use, free app that lets you take your entire music collection and listen to it from the Cloud on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad anywhere you are. 

You can stream or download your ...

Tunebox - Music Player for Dropbox

Listen to all the music in your Dropbox account, anywhere you go. 


→ See all your music organized by Artist, Album and Song

→ Save music to your device and play any time -- even in Airplane Mode

→ Browse folder by folder if ...

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