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Musical Geometry. Draw lines and watch as Soundrop uses them to create music. Listen with headphones for the full effect.

  • Tap and Drag to draw a line.
  • Drag the handles to edit or double tap to delete.
  • Drag dropper to ...

Score Generator

Score Generator is an iPhone app that turns drawings on the screen into musical notes, enabling you to "play" art.

Sketch Synth FX


New music app already being called Awesome by Apps4idevices. Introductory price at $3 until MIDI support arrives. Software is tested on iPad 2/3, and iPhone 4S; we have reports of problems on iPod Touch 4th Gen and iPhone 4 ...


A synthesizer allowing control of pitch, shape, frequency/amplitude modulation and low-pass filter by hand-drawing of waveforms.


The screen has three areas; waveform drawing area, control selection, utility functions.


In the waveform drawing area you can drag your finger to ...


SoundBrush is the easiest way to create music on an iPad. Create full featured songs by drawing, as SoundBrush converts the lines into musical notes. Share your songs with people around the world using Discover, a place to inspire and ...

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