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eMusic Infinite Explorations

With our Infinite Explorations feature, your eMusic discoveries just got supersized. Type in an artist’s name, and watch as Infinite Explorations works its magic—suggesting countless related artists worth checking out. Your music curiosity has finally met its match.

Music, Pop Stars & Singers Amino



★★★★★ The favorite app of music enthusiasts

Want to meet new friends who like the same artists and bands as you do? Music Amino allows you to meet new friends from all over the world who share your passion for ...


Listn helps you keep track of the music you discover with the simple format of a todo list. We think that the most meaningful discoveries come from friends, not a super-smart algorithm that recommends music based on what you've ...


*NEW* - Get 10 coins every time you share a track on Facebook or Twitter!

Be the first to discover great new music from blogs, use your own tremendous musical taste to help surface it, and enjoy it wherever you are ...


ArtistSignal is a free social music platform allowing listeners to vote for a Top Artist each month. We give the Top Artist chosen by the world $10,000 to further their career. This allows listeners to propel talented emerging artists ...

Sound Seek

Get ready to find new artists for your music library, Sound Seek is here. This app gives you the ability to discover new music artists from the tips of your fingers. Search for artists you already know and discover ones ...

Music Tubee - Free Music Library from YouTube

Listen to the latest hits and your favorite songs for free!

Music Tubee is a music app that offers users the latest songs uploaded on YouTube.

Listen to the latest hits in the Top 100 Charts!

Discover songs you like ...

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