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Ringtone Designer - Create Unlimited Ringtones
Never pay for another ringtone. Ringtone Designer allows you to create unlimited custom ringtones using songs in your iPhone's music library. Use the beautiful interface to adjust your ringtone length from 6 to 30 seconds. Then swipe the audio ...

Ringtone Maker - Make free ringtones from your music
Use your iPod songs to create ringtones. Unlimited number of ringtones. Best free ringtone making app. Key Features: - Easily controls start time of the song. - Fade in and fade out. - Fast ringtone saving. - Record any sound and make it a ...


Charting builds a beautiful visualization of the keys the songs of your favorite artist were recorded in. It uses the Circle of Fifths to show the relative distribution of the keys. Charting is based on work by Mike Deal.

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Decorated Playlists
This website is dedicated to the close relationship between music and design.
You can think of each playlist as an art-directed blog post, but with music instead of words. 


Mixes created and designed, by designers. Designers.MX is about discovering new music. Music that drives our favorite designers, and allowing them to create a unique cover design for each of their individual playlists. A daily music and design masterpiece ...



Beatrobo: where the party never ends

Beatrobo is an online music community to enjoy music together with your friends. Create your robot and start listening to your favorite songs with your friends! Joining is free and it only takes a ...

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