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Batch audio file converter for many formats. Also supports many ringtones formats. Just set the options and drag in files or folders to convert. Supported formats include: input: 4xm, 8svx, ac3, aif, aifc, aiff, al, ape, au, auto, avi, avr ...

Speak It: Text to Speech
This and other music apps were used by Damon Albarn to record the Gorillaz record "The Fall."

Tunesify is the simplest way to convert almost any audio file into formats supported by iTunes, iPods and iPhones. Tunesify can convert FLAC, Windows Media Audio, WavPack, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey’s Audio and many more. Lossless formats, such as FLAC ...


Send your Spotify playlists to Grooveshark.

Step 1: Login to connect your Grooveshark account.

Step 2: Open your playlist in Spotify, Select all of the songs (Ctrl+A or Apple+A), Right-click and select "Copy HTTP Link," Paste in the ...

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