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Band Demand
As of 8/4/2011 this service is available only these select cities: San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Austin TX.

Localshow.tv presents a promising approach to music discovery and finding local concerts, albeit with a few holes. This free web app (also available as a "glorified bookmark"-style Chrome app and compatible with Google TV) accesses the user's ...


Search for music, buy concert tickets, read biographies and reviews of your favorite bands while listening to their music.


Stay connected with your favorite artists on CrowdStream.

CrowdStream is a new mobile event network that connects artists directly with fans at events.

- Check-in at shows to access photos, messages and videos from your favorite artists.
- Check-in virtually to shows ...

Oh My Rockness

Oh My Rockness lists the best indie rock shows happening each night for NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles. Who's playing where, how much, and how do I get there? Oh My Rockness will let you know all that and ...

Live Nation

Get the tickets you want on the go with the Live Nation app.

From the world’s leading live entertainment company, the Live Nation app is now available for Android.

Browse, search, and discover concerts for your favorite artists near ...


WhosPlaying is the saving grace for that date you forgot to plan, the night you have to kill on business travel, or the curious mind wondering which Indie band you just heard on a Thursday night at your local bar ...

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