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Replaces all slash characters on a website with images of Slash.

Dude, seriously? Turn your browser to 11 and rock out by replacing all slashes with images OF Slash.

Just click the Slasher button and watch the magic happen.


In the spirit of (and with the coding help of) Free Art and Technology Lab’s Shaved Bieber project, AUX Labs is pleased to present our Nickelblock plugin for Firefox and Chrome. Once installed, NickelBlock will eliminate all mention of ... collects data on the music you listen to provide recommendations that automatically follow your tastes.

We also give you stats, charts, graphs, and a sexy profile of your music taste.

You can setup to automatically collect ...

Highlight to Listen

Highlight to Listen allows you to easily find music and information for any artist by simply right clicking text on a page.

...Truth is, there is a plethora of music available on the internet outside of mainstream content providers such as iTunes and Amazon. From personal blog uploads to playlist aggregates, mp3 files are scattered throughout the accessible web, waiting to be ...

Online Music Alarm
Online Music Alarm - Simple, Beautiful and Useful Alarm Clock try it out at • No more annoying sounds! Set your favorite music to play just when you want it. • You can ask for any music or video ...

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