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Infinite Jukebox

For when your favorite song just isn't long enough

With this Web App you can upload your favorite MP3 and generate an infinite and ever changing version of the song. You can listen to your favorite song forever.

The ...

Soundation Studio

Soundation Studio is a powerful tool for creating music online. The Soundation Studio sequencer contains many of the features otherwise available in expensive desktop applications. The main purpose of Soundation Studio is to bring these features to you through an ...

TwistedWave Audio Editor

A very easy to use audio editor and recorder.


With TwistedWave, you can:

- Copy and paste your audio,

- Undo/redo instantly,

- Apply effects, such as fade in/out, delay, compressor/limiter, pitch shifting/time stretching, amplify or normalize the audio ...


Looplabs is the web’s premiere online music mixing application and platform. Since 2000 we have connected millions of web users from around the world to the art of music mixing through our extremely intuitive and easy-to use software interfaces ...

Bohemian Rhapsichord

What if someone sliced Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" into tiny little pieces which you could sort, play with your mouse, or assign to computer keys, thereby allowing the entire song to be reconfigured at will?

Wonder no more. Bohemian Rhapsichord ...

More Cowbell

More Cowbell is the online spin off of the Saturday Night Live special featuring Will Ferrell as Gene Frenkle, the cowbell player, and Christopher Walken as the music producer, Bruce Dickenson. More allows you to cowbell any song ...

All Music is Equal

At the time of this writing, All Music is Equal was not working.


This application is powered by Tristan Jehan's "The Swinger" application, which is built on the wonderful music APIs of The Echo Nest. Steve Marx then put the whole thing into a Windows Azure application, which is what you see ...

Tweets on Beats

Tweet something, include #tweetbeats to your Tweet. @TweetsOnBeats will reply with a link to your beatified Tweet.

The Wub Machine

The Wub Machine takes a song and turns it into a dubstep remix.


Very buggy. We couldn't get the app to recognize anything we uploaded.

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