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It's a new kind of video station that play music vides you like

MusZoo is the free personalized music video streaming service. Enter the artist name and MusZoo starts playing. All your interactions (Thumbs up, Thumbs down, Skips etc ...



ToneCraft is a simple sequenzer that let's you create music in 3d.


The concept is really easy:

Each voxel you place in the 3d space represents a note, different colors represents different instruments.


Go crazy and build something nice ...


Sing Like a Rock Star

Turn YouTube into a Karaoke machine with 1000’s of singing choices.

Zazoo Transforms Every YouTube Video

- Embed lyrics and guitar chords 

- Interact with artists & friends

- Keep up with what’s new & hot in music ...


Bring new life to classic sounds with SodaSynth. SodaSynth is a synthesizer and live looper that allows you to jam and quickly make cool recordings.


-Live looper for creating loops by ...


If the Pulsate iOS app looks familiar, perhaps you've encountered one of its predecessors, ToneMatrix, which attracted lots of attention by pairing a simple musical idea with a minimal, elegant interface.

ToneMatrix was created by Andre Michelle, who works ...

Vilanoise TV

Vilanoise TV is a new online TV channel with the best Pop, Rock, Indie & Electronic music videos.

Vilanoise TV is a new online TV channel with the best Pop, Rock, Indie & Electronic music videos. You can watch a video after ...

Cull TV

Rockify.TV is a music video app that makes it easy and fun to discover new music and share that music with your friends.

Rockify.TV is what MTV used to be, an unending selection of awesome hit and classic ...


Search for music

Tailor what you want to listen to, searching for a specific genre or by matching more than 10 criteria to find exactly what you’re in the mood for.

Discover new music

Get videos of similar artists ...

LP33 Music TV

Turn your browser into a music television! Sit back and enjoy music videos 24 hours a day. The LP33 Music Television App offers a large collection of music videos and our own original content. You can view interviews and live ...

Jabbo Ultimatium
Welcome to Jabbo! No Microsoft Kinect? Play Jabbo! Jabbo™ is a fun and engaging music-based game that uses your keyboard or webcam to detect movement. Now you can thump to the beat of catchy tunes with a webcam-enabled computer in ...

Ongaku Free
This is a free flash version of the fantastical, music rhythm action game, Ongaku. Download the Ongaku web app, and if you like it... buy the full PC game here! Ongaku is a 2D rhythm action ...

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