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Be part of the most popular music app on Facebook.

Create and Share your Playlist with friends and access it through your Facebook account.

Discover what your fiends and other Facebook users are listening to.

Interact with other music lovers ...

Featuring the largest library of free streaming music anywhere, Myspace is where you go to watch music videos, connect with artists, and promote your art online.


Music, for users is an application where they can store songs into a playlist in Facebook. They can also search from millions of songs across the internet and add it to their playlists. If we don't have it, you ...


Add Music to your profile (powered by iLike) Add a music tab to your profile. Get personalized concert alerts. Create and share playlists. Discover and share new music and free MP3s. And prove you're a Music Genius: play the ...

MixPod Music Playlist

Music player / playlist for your Facebook profile.

  • 100% free music playlist
  • Full length tracks
  • Tons of Music Player skins to choose from
  • Custom colors
  • Music videos


Selected as New & Noteworthy App in US, Australia, Japan, and Korea.

"Do you still listen to music on iPod?"

TunesMate is here to replace your old iPod app. You can now experience the joy of music through your finger tips ...

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