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Music Fan

Test your abilities as a music critic. Watch emerging artists perform. Some are amazing. Some aren't. Do you know the difference? Find out here.


Receive honest feedback. Emerge from the crowd. Upload a video with your ...

Believe Backstage

Believe Backstage iPhone App

This Application has been designed for use by Believe Digital clients to access the Believe Backstage system.

Believe Digital is the leading digital distributor and services provider for independent artists & labels in Europe.

From your iPhone ...

Matador Records

Matador’s app gives you the ultimate experience in new releases, tour dates, playlists and more. As well as keeping you clued up on Matador’s latest releases and tour dates, you can browse through the history of releases from ...


The [PIAS] app helps you discover the very best new albums and expertly curated playlists from the indie label. Updated weekly, you can now rely on trusted voices to introduce and recommend great music from both past and present.

For the first time ever, Headliner lets you reach new music lovers on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace without making them Like, Follow or Friend you first. On Headliner, artists who make music similar to yours recommend you directly to their ...

Seatwave Tickets

Never miss a gig with the Seatwave Tickets app. Seatwave Tickets recommends upcoming gigs by syncing to your iTunes account and recognizing your location, while also allowing you to buy tickets instantly through your phone.

What’s more, the app ...

RockStar Motel

We're OPENING THE DOORS to the music industry, putting fans in charge and artists in control.

Create Legends

On RockStar Motel, you ARE the record label. YOU sign and represent your favorite artists, and participate in their success , while ...


Grandstand is a web platofrm that transofrms Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, and SMS into games, instant rewards and eye-popping visualizations. Grandstand is used by brands, agencies, venues, retailers and event producers to enhance the in=-person experience that social savvy consumers ...



Build simple websites for the entertainment industry with Onesheet!

You can build as many Onesheets as you want, so build one for yourself, and then build one for every project, album, movie, etc... Onesheets can be created for musicians, DJs ...


How it works


Sign up, complete your profile and upload your release. 
Select up to 3 plugging genres for your release.

Ask A&R approval. Our A&R department will listen to your release ...


When Scott Hirsch launched appsbar in April, his vision was to help small businesses build apps -- "to fill the middle ground in costly, professionally-produced apps, and free, garbage-generating app builders," in the words of a spokesman.

He was in for ...


What is flowd?

Follow your favorite artists!

Get up close and personal. Flowd brings the breaking news from some of the biggest music artists, with more artists joining every day! Check out the weekly featured artists and blog interview as ...


Does your band want to play in Sweden? Upload you tune at, a MySpace-like site for your mobile web browser, and we get back to you. The easiest way to get connected with bookers.


Mediadrome, brought to you by Livewire Mobile, is a new online and mobile service allowing recording artists and record labels to bring digital media such as full-track music, ringtones, graphics, and videos as well as physical merchandise directly to their ...


Create live audio broadcasts and share them on your social media profiles.

Spreaker is a fun and simple way to broadcast your live audio updates and share them with your friends. Become a reporter or sports commentator, or simply broadcast ...




When Scott Hirsch launched appsbar in April, his vision was to help small businesses build apps -- "to fill the middle ground in costly, professionally-produced apps, and free, garbage-generating app builders," in the words of a spokesman.

He was in for ...


All around the world, musicians are sitting alone by their webcams, and they're nervous.

They're about to appear in front of strangers everywhere, where they'll have to bring their best stuff. Otherwise, these hopefuls will be unceremoniously ...


Bandcamp has been around for a while, helping many independent artists sell music and merchandise directly to fans while keeping more profits than they sometimes do with other services. But Bandcamp only recently rolled out Facebook integration, apparently without so ...

ReverbNation is the leading online music-marketing platform used by over 1,753,000 artists — plus managers, record labels, and venues — to grow their reach, influence, and business across the internet. provides free and affordable solutions to individual ...


"Hey, it's almost time for the Grammy Awards again!" These words normally lull us to sleep, because too often the "Grammys," as they're usually called, seem hopelessly out of touch. To some, a Grammy award can almost become ...


See where your fans are and what they're doing. Buzzdeck is a powerful analytics tool for artists, managers, and labels. Track visits, plays and sales using Timeline. All daily statistics for up to a year are displayed on the ...

The service is free for artists and offers one free song preview to fans before charging to access subsequent songs. -Connor

ShareSquare for Artists
This app is available for Apple iOS, Google Android, and Blackberry Smartphones, and works with any app capable of reading QR codes.

Street Teaming is helping to promote a band or event by passing out informational flyers, putting up posters, or utilizing the Internet to spread information about artists, bands, or festivals. With, you can become a part of the ...

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