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Feedbands is a crowd-sourced vinyl record label that uses this app to help find one band, every month, to get a vinyl record pressed.

Here's how it works:

First, musicians and independent artists submit their music to ...


Giggem is a matchmaking tool for all musicians and music industry professionals to meet and connect for improving their music career.


Either you are a band in need of members, a musician who wants to join a band or form ...


Welcome to the newest way to interact with your music. When you hear a Lisnr™ enabled song or attend a Lisnr enabled event, Lisnr will deliver content from your favorite artists - right to your phone. 

Lisnr users will get the ...



An incredibly easy way to see live shows. 

WillCall curates a list of the best shows happening in your town, that week. 

Read about the artists, watch a video, see which of your Facebook friends are attending, (or thinking ...

Rhapsody Concerts

Play the song, Find the concert.

Rhapsody Concerts is a free location-based app that keeps you up to date with all the concerts happening around your area. Find a new band playing and want to hear their music? Log in ...

Myspace for iOS

This is Myspace. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Make new connections through People Browse.



One-click high quality sound.

Live broadcasting has never been so simple. No need for special hardware, wires or tech support. It just works.

Bring your broadcasts to life.

Personalise your page, interact with listeners and see the crowd’s reactions ...

Card Included

AUX Magazine

AUX Magazine is the first digital music magazine designed for iPhone and iPad in the App Store. A monthly document of the current happenings and bigger ideas in music and its surrounding lifestyle, AUX Magazine delivers a collection of exclusive ...



Here you can listen to the latest music from your favorite cities around the world.

The latest chart is where you find recently updated cities.

Check our individual city pages for more tracks, genres and stats.

The popular chart is ...


What is Jamplify?

We believe that existing fans are the most powerful marketing force for anyone seeking new fans. Recognition, engagement, and rewards are powerful incentives to motivate fans to spread the word. Jamplify is a promotional platform where Content ...

The best way for artists to release new music and videos.


Deep Facebook Integration

Showcase your music, videos and tour dates on your Facebook page. Fans can listen, watch, share, comment and more.

Social Launch Campaigns launch campaigns ...



With StereoGrid, you have a built-in distribution network of music websites, bloggers, and press ready to receive new music.

You first create a new release by uploading a song with supporting content. We deliver the song to the StereoGrid network ...


App based on the Band: Insane Clown Posse. This app will blow your mind with exclusive content not available anywhere else! It's packed with biographical information, photo galleries, live updated links to Facebook and Twitter, upcoming ICP events, and ...


We are the world’s largest platform for artists to sell music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & more.

We make it possible for people like you to release your music without giving up your rights. Over 250,000 artists use TuneCore ...


At, we develop powerful music promotion tools for you, whether you're an emerging artist or an accomplished label.

We make it easy to manage a few tracks or a large catalog, create pages and players that look ...

Metal Hammer Heavy List

Metal Hammer Heavy List - Free Trial

Download and try it for 2 weeks FREE using promo code: 2FREE

Every month Metal Hammer handpick the best new and classic metal and serve it up as an exclusive Top 40 Metal Chart ...



Collective action for musical projects
We want to make sure that artists have the means to carry out their projects, are you in?
Be among the first to discover projects and be rewarded

Support projects from the ...



The innovative music platform for young talent where fans make the difference!

We believe in music. We believe in the power of technology. And we believe in you as a fan. That's why we put you and your artist ... – an app that allows everyone to become a live broadcasting radio station. 

"Every single track played on is priceless because it's someone's favorite" Berk, USA is a brand new way to experience ...


ChatWithTheBand lets bands and music artists run listening parties and fan video chat right from their Facebook pages. It's easy to use and any band with a webcam and mic can be up and running in minutes.

Artist Growth

Artist Growth, LLC is a groundbreaking mobile software platform that gives both amateurs and seasoned professionals the tools to manage their careers from the phone in their pockets. Users can manage and track daily tasks, coordinate multi-dimensional projects, and grow ...


Hellfest is back in 2012!

With a record of 80,000 people attending the festival in 2011, Hellfest has multiplied it's turn-out by 4 in the last 6 years. The originality of the festival's artistic project has allowed ...



Our vision is a world in which a lack of funds is not an obstacle for touring artists.

This should be so simple: Fans want to see artists live. Artists want to tour.

Artistic success should rely on communicating with ...


CrowdSurge was established in January 2008 to provide white-label e-commerce software, hardware, and marketing solutions to artists, brands, promoters, and venues, enabling them to sell tickets directly to fans.

Headquartered in London, and strategically positioned around the world, CrowdSurge has ...

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