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Learn how to play your Accordéon a new learning center.


After many requests we are adding Learning Center where you can learn how to play popular songs on your Accordéon. 

The keys you need to press are lit ...

PatternMusic MXXIV

Create compelling, original music on your iPad™ with PatternMusic® MXXIV. PatternMusic was designed to inspire creativity, learning and experimentation in music enthusiasts and experts alike. 


PatternMusic is three music tools in one:

• Create songs intuitively using layered instrument patterns.

• Play ...


•  Play and compose music with the swipe of your finger

•  An intuitive tool for composers in all genres

•  Generate music within defined scales and rhythms

•  The ultimate tool for making truly new music in any genre

•  Improvise freely within a ...

Borderlands Granular


Borderlands Granular is a new musical instrument for the iPad. 


NOTE: Borderlands Granular is designed for iPad 2 and 3. It will run on the iPad 1, but with potentially slower performance due to the heavy requirements of the audio ...

Nebula - realtime granular synthesis

Nebula brings real-time granular synthesis to the iPad, including glissons and grainlets.

Granulation can be performed on several prototypal waveforms (sines, triangles, 

squares, noise) and morphing can be applied between them.


It is possible to store presets and interpolate among ...


xMod is unique both visually and functionally. The synth is a polyphonic triple-oscillator cross-modulated FM synthesizer with 32 preset patches (sounds). Synth patches are displayed in a "sound map" that gives the player the ability to quickly move from one ...

Koushion: MIDI Pads


Pad-based controllers such as the MPC have become a ubiquitous fixture in electronic music setups worldwide. So, why would you want another? Koushion: MIDI Pads adds a new twist to the popular controller by adding a key lock feature and ...


Donut™ lets you record loops in two dimensions. 


A detailed explanation of how the app works is available here:


You can use it like a phrase looper, by recording horizontally while using the step controls to ...

Drums XD

It's finally here! We've listened and added the features you requested and more! With help from Music Teachers, Drummers and Hobbyists we've create the best Percussion Drum App available. We've added over 20 major features like ...


The world's first FM synthesis music workstation app,iYM2151.

80's game and computer sound is back! 


The YM2151, aka OPM is Yamaha Corporation’s single-chip FM synthesis implementation, an eight-channel four-operator sound chip,created originally for the Yamaha ...

miniDrum PRO


eet miniDrum PRO, a professional drum machine/sequencer specially designed for the iPad. Now you can upload your own samples and share your creations via audio copy/paste!


Built on our acclaimed YASSE sound synthesis & sequencing engine, miniDrum PRO offers ...

Sound Scope Space

The famous waveform-sculpting synthesizer finally available for iPad


The latest generation of our Sound Scope synthesizer, with a completely rewritten audio engine, Kuzmoscillator™ modulator, echo, arpeggiator, more range, and higher resolution




Use your finger to sculpt the oscillator ...

Sample Lab

Sample Lab is a full-featured sampler/sequencer made exclusively for iPad. With a professional set of features packed into a simple, multi-touch interface you can skip the learning curve and start making tracks within minutes.


  • Record your own samples, or ...

Mini Zither

Mini Zither is an app for zither’s lover or learner in the first stage. It can be used to practice and recreation. 


The free exemplary songs: 

1.Oceans’ Roar 

2.Butterfly Lovers(a part) 

3.Für Elise 

4 ...

Vintage Toy Piano


Vintage Toy Piano is a wonderful sounding instrument modeled after vintage wooden toy pianos.

Vintage Toy Piano's simple interface is easy to learn, and children will love the visual feedback from playing the keys.

The unique lively tone ...


Chordion is a new and intuitive way to make music with your iPad. Choose a chord with one hand and play melodies with the other. Never hit a wrong note!


"Chordion is a killer App!" -


How do ...

John Cage Piano


Celebrate John Cage's 100th birthday by playing the John Cage Piano app on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android Tablet. One of the many ingenious innovations of American composer/writer/artist John Cage was his creation of the "prepared ...

iSyn Poly


iSyn Poly is an electronic music studio for use with Apple iPad. iSyn Poly places an unbelievable number of features including three studio-quality, fully programmable virtual analog synthesizers and a drum machine packed in just three different screens on your ...

Easy Strum

Easy Strum is:

.... an autoharp for the IPad.

.... one of the easiest musical instruments in the world. From no musical ability you can be playing beautiful arpeggiated chords in under 60 seconds.

.... unique. Strum the piano like a harp, or ...

Magic Fiddle

Featured in the New York Times, USA Today and in tech blogs across the world, Magic Fiddle is revolutionizing musical games! Enjoy the #1 US iPad App, #1 US Game and Top 10 game in 45 countries!

Get 32 songs ...

Bastus Trump Orphion

Orphion is a musical instrument with a unique sound between string instrument and percussion. Everyone can play expressive, wonderful sounds and easy or virtuosic melodies on it just by moving fingers on virtual pads. 


What can I do with it ...

Digital Collisions HD

Digital Collision HD for iPad is a unique sound generator based on physics collisions algorithms.

It can produces real nice sound textures from the most clear to the weirdest granular.

The sound engine is a polyphonic tone generator. 


DESIGNED for ...


Turn the sounds of your world into amazing music and share it with your friends! 


WerkBench is a new kind of beatbox that is part loop pedal, part drum machine, and 100% beat-making magic. It's powerful, easy to use ...

Sylo Synthesizer


Sylo Synthesiser allows you to play music, or create sound effects, using sounds you can design yourself. Sylo Synth includes a collection of pre-designed sounds which you can use as they are, tweak them to your heart's desire, or ...

Idle Drum Machine

A simple drum machine, already preloaded with sound files for your enjoyment. Brought to you by with compliments. 


New version features:

- new file management interface

- default example project

- several annoying bugs fixed (and hopefully not too many added ...

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