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Piano Diary

Have you ever wished you could keep a record of your piano performance improvements? 

Have you ever wished you could share your best performances with your family and your friends? 

Piano Diary is a free iPhone/iPad application based on ...

Piano Legend

Piano Legend is a musical education game

- Select a song and play along on the onscreen keyboard

- Improve your sheet music reading skills

- Play left-hand and right-hand songs

- Download songs from an online library

- Compose your own songs using the ...



An acoustic guitar app for those who love the physical, visceral experience of performing in front of a live audience. If you've been repeatedly disappointed by other acoustic guitar apps that aren't built for live performance, this is ...


bip is a fantastic creative tool for playing, recording and performing musical rhythmic patterns. Starting with the simple idea of a programmable generated beat, touch and hold gestures are used to select beats and patterns. Patterns can be mixed and ...

Magellan Jr.

Magellan Jr is the bold new professional analog modeling synthesizer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Modeled after its acclaimed big brother, Magellan for iPad, you can now create powerful music wherever you go. With extensive MIDI capabilities and near-zero ...


A musical learning journey on your mobile device!

Anytime, Any Place, At your Pace!

We are inspired by music and the dimension it adds to our lives. We also appreciate the desire of like-minded enthusiasts who would like to ...

Handy Jam

A collaborative, interactive musical composition for mobile from Orange Twin records.



Transform your iPhone into a musical instrument. 

How to play:

‧ Tap anywhere to play a note

‧ Hold to sustain a note

‧ swipe for volume change

‧ tilt for pitch change

‧ swing for octave change


‧ Simple mode (play full note)

‧ Advance ...



Want to rock out on the drums? Anytime, Anywhere? Get iAmDrums by savageapps and satisfy your inner beast. 

Featuring Loop Maker Mode! Easily create and sequence your own grooves. You can keep them in your loop library--called KickStarts.


10 kits ...


GyroSynth is a gesture driven music synthesizer, which takes full adventage of the gyroscope. You can play and modulate the sound by moving your hand through the air - just like the legendary Theremin instrument.


GyroSynth makes use of the gyroscope ...

Sunrizer Synth

Sunrizer synth is a virtual analog synthesizer that takes the definition of iOs synthesizer to the next level.

Thanks to carefully designed architecture and heavy usage of coprocessor it blurs the boundaries between iOs and hardware synthesizers.

Sunrizer was built ...

NLog MIDI Synth


Professional Virtual Analogue Synthesizer supporting Core MIDI, WIST and interfaces from Akai, Line6, IK Multimedia & others

::: Demo videos on YouTube channel nlogmusic ::: Check PRO version for iPad and Mac/Audio Unit version in Mac App Store :::

Most versatile iOS synth ...

Addictive microSynth

Combines the synthesis power of Addictive Synth with an easy to use 4 track loop phrase recorder.

#1 Staff Favorites on US App Store !

It was never so easy to create beautiful sounds and driving loops. 
The unique dynamic wavetable ...

Sight Read Easy!

Are you starting to study Piano?
Are you frustrated when reading the sheet?
Do you feel so hard to read the Sheet?

Sight Read Easy! can help you!

Sight Read Easy is user-friendly. No matter who you are, this Apps ...



Tonetic gives you the freedom to personalize your ringtone with our powerful studio. Tonetic provides three fundamental tools to create a ringtone of music and voice. 


Mic - record and capture voices around you, even the slightest sounds.

Music - choose a ...

KulBass Scales

A great must-have tool for all serious Bass Guitar players who want to master the fretboard. 


KulBass Scales provides a visual fretboards with full 24 frets to display positions of all notes of the selected scales and their modes. Moreover ...

MIDI Mandala

Midi Mandala is a wireless Midi controller for iPod/Touch, iPhone, and iPad.


Previously, Intelligent Gadget's Mandala Music app first introduced the idea of using a circular arrangement of control pads to generate music. The user selects a musical ...

Cheep Piano

This beautiful and fun piano is a joy to play. Help the baby chicks sing your favorite song to selected rhythms.


This game is free for a limited time. If you like it, please rate it to see a lot ...


"Oscillators" is a new type of sequencer. You can easily create an interesting music. 

A sound is played when an Oscillator (cute funny little cube) passes

through a tone cube. You can modify route of Oscillators by editing map

cubes ...

Vintage Toy Piano


Vintage Toy Piano is a wonderful sounding instrument modeled after vintage wooden toy pianos.

Vintage Toy Piano's simple interface is easy to learn, and children will love the visual feedback from playing the keys.

The unique lively tone ...

John Cage Piano


Celebrate John Cage's 100th birthday by playing the John Cage Piano app on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android Tablet. One of the many ingenious innovations of American composer/writer/artist John Cage was his creation of the "prepared ...




Join the global karaoke party! Share your voice with people all over the globe, join group songs for FREE, or perfect a song and then share it with the world. 

"Singing with a friend around the world has never been ...

Cassini Synth

Polyphonic Synthesizer for iPhone/iPod touch

3 OSCs + 2 Filters + AMP + 9 EGs + 6 LFOs + 3band EQ + Saturator + 2 Delays + Arpeggiator 


* 3 Oscillators plus 1 Sub-Osc

- Sawtooth, Pulse(PWM), Triangle, Sine, Noise, FM

- Waveshape Modulation

- Oscillator Sync

- Ring Modulation

* 2 ...



ZOOZbeat™, your Music reCreation Studio™, lets you reCreate remix and personalize songs from your favorite musicians. Now features the beats of Too $hort, Easy Star All Stars, and Kutiman.

Just shake, tilt , or tap your iPhone or iPod Touch to ...

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