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HumStar Free

Have you been through times when a catchy tune gets stuck in your head, keeps playing itself over and over again and never seems to leave your mind-space? You notice yourself bobbing your head, drumming your fingers or tapping your ...

Loopy Tunes

* New and Noteworthy on the iTunes iPad Homepage in 81 countries.

* Staff Favourites in 4 countries.

* Delightful review by GiggleApps -

* "The Beautiful Loopy Tunes" review by Apps4Kids - ...

Make Me Music

Play your bread box or didgeridoo, make water glasses sing, or pluck a kalimba and let's Make Me Music. Welcome to the sound garden, a world where everything you tap becomes a musical instrument. Learn about melodies, rhythms, glissandos ...

Glee Karaoke

The #1 music app in 21 countries, Glee Karaoke makes you sound like a star. Sing your heart out to songs from the hit TV show while a little magic helps you sound amazing. Glee Karaoke is now FREE for ...


BIT.TRIP BEAT is the arcade game for the new millennium, fusing Pong with interactive beats. Use the accelerometer or touch controls to move the paddle up and down bouncing beats back from which they came. Listen and react to ...

Synesthetic Lite



Experience your music like never before with Synesthetic, the first IOS game that truly syncs with your music. Embark on an out of this world rollercoaster ride, dodging obstacles and going though loops, trying to improve your highscore. Everything (the ...


Are you ready to rock? Listen to song clips to test your music recognition - then send challenges to your friends! Prove that you're a true music master with Song Pop, the best free music app. 

Play with songs by ...

I Am Serj


Remix, Rediscover, and Share the music of Serj Tankian.

Serj is best known as the vocalist and songwriter of the rock band System of a Down. He's ranked by Hit Parader among the Top Metal Vocalists of All Time ...



YO. This is AutoRap. It turns speech into rap, and corrects bad rapping.

With Smule’s proprietary “rappification” technology, AutoRap maps the syllables of your speech to any beat, creating a unique rap every time.

As the lyrical master, Jay-Z ...

Piano Dust Buster – Song Game

TOP 10 Music App in 45 countries. Millions of songs played! App is free for a limited time.
♫ Use your own real piano, or an on-screen virtual one, to play your favorite songs ♫
Dust off your piano with the Piano ...


Your favorite songs are now a game! Turn any music from your iTunes library into an asynchronous tap game. No need to ever buy more songs, simply use the songs you already own to play.

As Beatstream analyses your song ...

Nyan Cat Adventure


Single-button arcade action meets the Internet’s greatest Cat Meme, Nyan Cat! 

Super simple to pick up and play, starring all your favorite Nyan ...

Whale Trail

Fly Willow the Whale high through the sky in the magical world of Rainbow Land.

Watch out for the nasty Baron Von Barry who is ever close on Willow’s tail.


Collect Blubbles, loop the loop, smash the grumpy Thunder ...


The simple and fast-paced platform action game that lets you track your performance on online high score boards, and more!


A few quotes about Canabalt:

"Canabalt is pure genius."

"It's going to be quite some time before ...

Laugh Synth :)

Laugh anywhere, with the voice of your choice! The first "bwahaha" and "hehehe" synthesizer in the world, Laugh Synth is the key to the universe of shining emotions and eternal happiness. The ultimate sonic nectar emitter for everyday life enrichment ...

AC/DC Pinball Rocks HD

For those about to rock, we bring you AC/DC Pinball Rocks! Take the stage and bask in the colored lights, roaring guitars, and thundering drums of AC/DC. Includes classic AC/DC hits, original voice recordings from vocalist Brian ...

Slayer Pinball Rocks HD

"It lives up to its own totally rocks." - MTV

"Not since Electronic Arts' Crüe Ball hit the Genesis in 1992 have we been this excited to experience the unholy marriage of pinball and heavy metal. Thanks to ...

Techno Kitten Adventure


Navigate a kitten by jetpack, fueled by hopes and dreams, through a fantastical world of techno music.

"Techno Kitten Adventure will be the next runaway hit. Mark our words." - G4TV

U Can Has:


Frisco - Sea of Love (Hixxy ...

Guess Your Songs

Guess Your Songs, a music-based social gaming  platform that takes the idea of guessing a song from a short clip and moves it onto the big stage. Available on iOS, Facebook, and the Web, Guess Your Songs ...

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